Debit card linking to an error message
20 Jan 2023

What is friendly fraud and how do you reduce it?

Friendly fraud is not as friendly as it sounds. We bring you the essential guide to friendly fraud, explain what it is, how it happens, and how to prevent it.
Profile picture of Alana Parsons from Caxton
12 Jan 2023

Payments people: Caxton’s Alana Parsons

How Caxton’s Chief Operating Officer built a two-decade career in an ever-evolving payments industry.
Debit card next to money moving upwards
16 Dec 2022

Everything you need to know about interchange fees

What are interchange fees and why are they a necessary part of overall credit and debit card fees?
Hand holding a bank card with liquid texture behind it
11 Nov 2022

What is tokenisation in payments?

Tokenisation can help make card payments more secure and offer additional functionality to merchants. So how does it work, and what are the alternatives?
Map of europe with payments travels accross multiple countries
10 Nov 2022

Instant payments are coming to Europe — so what?

Will a new proposal from the EU Commission make instant payments the norm in Europe?
Interconnecting lines showing the movement of money
28 Oct 2022

What is a payment gateway and how do they work? | TrueLayer

Want to know what payment gateways are and how they work? Look no further, our guide to payment gateways, how they work, the costs and more. Read on here.
Profile picture of Katleho Makgobe
12 Oct 2022

Payments people: Coinbase’s Katleho Makgobe

How Coinbase’s Business Operations and Strategy Manager stays ahead in a rapidly evolving crypto landscape.
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4 Oct 2022

What is the true cost of your chargeback?

Understand all the fees and hidden costs associated with chargeback requests, and get tactics for reducing the burden on your business.
Phone UI showing a user set up a recurring payment
13 Sep 2022

Can VRP help UK consumers avoid subscription traps?

As consumers weather the cost-of-living crisis, unwanted subscriptions are becoming a costly annoyance. Could VRP offer some much-needed relief?
Phone UI showing a recurring payment screen
5 Sep 2022

Involuntary churn: everything you need to know

Involuntary churn can limit your brand’s growth if left unchecked. Learn everything you need to know in order to reduce it and improve your recurring revenue.
Two debit cards
19 Aug 2022

What are card-on-file transactions and what are they used for?

Card-on-file transactions — also known as card-on-file payments — happen when a customer authorises a merchant to store card details for future purchases.
Profile picture of Colleen Graneto from Airbnb
28 Jul 2022

Payments people: in conversation with Airbnb’s Colleen Graneto

How Colleen Graneto navigates a career in payments at Airbnb, alongside coaching the next wave of product managers.