Fully automated instant payouts

Make withdrawing funds, sending refunds or paying out to recipients effortless.

Instant payouts

Boost customer loyalty

Customers can verify account ownership using their banking app and get paid the very next second, 24/7. That’s far faster than the five days cards can take.
  • Immediate payout settlement
  • Instant biometric authentication

Account Verification

Pay the right account, right away

Scrap lengthy verification processes and pay your customers as fast as possible. Use bank-verified account information to pre-populate payment setup and eliminate the risk of lost or failed payouts.
  • Automate verification checks
  • Safeguard users against payout fraud

Automated Payouts Workflow

Smarten up your back office

Ditch those old spreadsheets and manual payout-tracking processes. Our simple solution initiates payouts via a single API, removing errors from the whole equation. 
  • Programmatic payouts
  • Cut down manual processes

What customers want from payouts

We surveyed 5,000+ users of iGaming, WealthTech and Ecommerce platforms across Europe

1 in 3

investors would deposit more if they could withdraw instantly

1 in 2

players would switch to a platform that offers instant withdrawals

2 in 3

shoppers consider refund time an important factor to shop again

Use Cases

  • Real-time withdrawals

    Boost customer loyalty by granting instant access to funds, without having to go through lengthy verification processes.
  • Instant refunds

    Keep customers coming back. Automate instant refunds and give them what they want: their money back that second.
  • Marketplace and platform payouts

    Confirm bank account ownership and give sellers and contractors immediate access to their earnings.
  • Payouts

    How it works: Withdrawals

    Grow with us

    With 95% coverage in all major markets, we serve customers across the UK and Europe.
    • Connected to thousands of financial institutions
    • Live across 16 countries in Europe
    • Customer support in 6 languages


    How it works: Refunds

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