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Signup+ is here. Streamline onboarding with a single payment.

Grow your user base

Signup+ combines account creation with making a payment to streamline the sign-up process. It uses bank-sourced identity data to speed up KYC-compliant onboarding.With just one quick deposit, users can get started right away. No lengthy signup forms. No manual data entry. No scanning ID documents.
  • Bank-sourced identity data
  • Pre-populated account details
  • Customisable UI

Convert signups to active users

Ensure new signups turn into active users by combining the sign-up process with an initial deposit. Research shows that after an initial payment, users are much more likely to continue using a platform.
  • Instant bank payments
  • Real-time payment confirmation

Stay compliant and securely onboard users

Say goodbye to payment, identity and promo abuse fraud with customer authentication built into every payment and real-time identity data checks.
  • Biometric bank authentication
  • SCA compliant
  • PSD2 compliant

How it works

“Signup+ streamlines the onboarding process and saves time and resources for our company and our customers.”
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Adebayo Familusi,

Who is Signup+ for?

  • Savings and personal finance apps

    Offer smoother financial experiences with instant payments, withdrawals and signups.
  • Remittance and cross-border payments

    Allows users to signup and start making remittance payments within seconds.
  • Credit and lending

    Automate application and underwriting processes for a smoother, faster customer experience.
  • Trading

    Let users start trading right away by streamlining onboarding with a single payment.
  • Crypto

    Allow users to start building their portfolios immediately with deposits and signups that take seconds.
  • iGaming

    Stay compliant while delivering the frictionless onboarding players expect.
  • How customers benefit from Signup+

    To learn more about how to build a better signup experience, read the full report.
  • Signup that takes seconds, not days

    41% of users drop off because the sign-up process takes too long. With Signup+, users can get started right away.
  • No data entry or document scanning

    23% of users drop off due to manual data entry. Signup+ securely auto-populates from user's banks.
  • More secure

    60% of users say they’re more likely to trust bank verification. Signup+ uses bank-sourced data and biometrics to reduce fraud.
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