8 industries that would benefit from instant payouts
25 May 2023
8 industries that need instant payouts
Whether it’s paying out to players in iGaming or withdrawing funds from trading apps, better payouts will increase customer retention.
Fluid payments texture
22 Feb 2023
Introducing Payouts: send refunds and settle payments in seconds
We built Payouts to take the pain out of paying people at scale.
API text
27 Jan 2023
What is an open banking API?
APIs are core to open banking technology. Learn exactly what open banking APIs are and how they work.
Payment graph moving upwards
3 Nov 2022
Charting the rise of open banking payments: are consumers using them?
A deep dive into the important statistics, charts and stories behind the growth of open banking consumer adoption.
UI window showing a login screen
25 Oct 2022
What is screen scraping and how does it work?
Find out how and why businesses use screen scraping, the benefits and pitfalls of the process, as well as what alternatives are available.
Two faces overlapping
12 Oct 2022
What’s it like to be a parent at TrueLayer?
How we support working parents, and why it matters to TrueLayeristas
TrueLayer logo
16 Sep 2022
A message from TrueLayer's CEO
A business update from Francesco Simoneschi, TrueLayer's CEO and Cofounder
money and UI elements moving upwards
8 Sep 2022
Your guide to stablecoins
Stablecoins provide the freedom and accountability of cryptocurrencies without the volatility. So how do they work and what are their benefits?
Hand interacting with floating UI elements
31 Aug 2022
Open banking to open finance: bridging the gap
As the end of the OBIE's roadmap approaches, we outline the need for a programme of work that we're calling ‘open banking +' to bridge the gap to open finance.
Eye with a tick next to it
30 Aug 2022
A sustainable future for online gambling: how open banking is helping
Find out how open banking can help online gambling and betting operators meet their compliance requirements while improving the experience for players.
Iconography of debit card with two arrows circling around it
26 Aug 2022
The difference between chargebacks and disputes
Many merchants have trouble distinguishing between chargebacks and payment disputes. That misunderstanding can come at a steep cost.
Profile picture of Lydia Hawthorn
25 Aug 2022
Payments people: in conversation with UK Tote Group’s Lydia Hawthorn
How Lydia Hawthorn has built a career in product delivery and fixing tech team dynamics.