Business growth

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18 Apr 2022
6 metrics to measure customer loyalty
Customer loyalty tells you how satisfied your customers are and how likely they are to purchase from you again. Find out how to measure customer loyalty.
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24 Feb 2022
What is customer churn rate and how do you calculate it?
Churn rate helps you work out at what rate your business is losing customers. Find out exactly what customer churn rate means and how to calculate it.
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2 Feb 2022
Your guide to freemium business models
Understand the pros and cons of freemium business models and convert free users to paying customers.
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26 Jan 2022
7 ways to improve customer retention
Happy customers are key to customer retention. Find out how to improve your brand's retention rates.
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19 Nov 2021
What are the biggest limitations of card payments for ecommerce?
Card payments have become costly and complex, with chargeback requests leading to further problems.
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13 Oct 2021
Growth in open banking shows online retailers the next big opportunity
Open banking payments are here. But will more ecommerce brands start using them?
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9 Jun 2021
In conversation with Freetrade: opening up investing
How open banking turned a black box payments process into a deposit experience that customers love.