Open banking

Open banking and the future of retail payments
Open Banking
4 Sep 2023

Open banking and the future of UK retail payments

We make the case that open banking can, and should be, the future of retail payments — and outline the additional initiatives needed to get us there.
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Open Banking
7 Mar 2023

Could open banking have a ‘de-risking’ moment?

New action by regulators and banks to tackle APP fraud could have unintended consequences for open banking in the UK.
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Open Banking
7 Feb 2023

UK open banking needs a new home, a new mandate and a new roadmap

We give our views on Charlotte Crosswell’s recommendations to Government on the next steps for open banking in the UK.
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Open Banking
31 Jan 2023

5 steps to a high-converting signup with the help of open banking

New research from YouGov reveals what customers want from a signup process in 2023 – we examine how open banking can help.
Hand interacting with a phone that shows multiple bank accounts
Open Banking
8 Apr 2022

What is account aggregation?

Account aggregation brings multiple bank accounts into one streamlined view. So how does it help businesses and consumers manage their money better?
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Open Banking
8 Mar 2022

Celebrating women in fintech: past, present and future

TrueLayeristas share their experiences and thoughts on how we can better support women in fintech.
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Open Banking
23 Feb 2022

What are the benefits of open banking for businesses?

How companies across the UK are unlocking the benefits of open banking.
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Open Banking
13 Jan 2022

PSD2 4 years on: why open banking is a success – and how to judge it

Open banking is four years old, but who's using it, how is it benefitting consumers and what's next?
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Open Banking
7 Sep 2021

The future of payments in Australia will be powered by open banking

In the near future, open banking will be the default way to pay online in Australia – here's why.
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Open Banking
8 Jul 2021

Consumer Data Right: what open banking in Australia needs now

Australia’s Consumer Data Right turns one year old. What's needed to make open banking a success?
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Open Banking
2 Feb 2021

The GameStop short squeeze: why open banking matters in trading

How open banking gave platforms like Freetrade and Revolut the advantage
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Open Banking
24 Nov 2020

UX/UI guides: how to increase open banking adoption

The best UX/UI practices to boost your product’s open banking conversion. Here's how...