bug bounty
19 Dec 2023

TrueLayer’s Bug Bounty Program: 18 months on

A look back at our Bug Bounty Program. What did we find out? Was it successful?
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21 Feb 2023

Flux2 migration: how we dropped our CPU usage by nearly 40x

The sun is setting on Flux1. With a carefully planned migration to Flux2, we've been able to cut costs and speed up reconciliations.
Hand holding a customer
9 Feb 2022

How to keep track of what your customers really care about

We created a new service level indicator to track payment settlement – here's how.
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13 Aug 2021

Adding middleware support to Rust reqwest

Continuing with our open source series, we present a middleware adapter for the ubiquitous reqwest Rust crate.
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14 May 2021

gRPC load balancing in Rust

In the first post in our open source series, we share our solution for gRPC client-side load balancing, using ginepro.
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11 Jan 2021

Engineering at TrueLayer: the wabi-sabi way

Our engineering principles guide us as we scale
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16 Jan 2020

Improving the classification of your transaction data with machine learning

How the Data Platform team at TrueLayer improved purchase transaction classification with machine learning.
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16 Dec 2019

Why system dashboard design matters and how to do it well

Running a rapidly growing platform at TrueLayer has taught us a lot about system dashboard design. From latency to replicas and resource usage, let us share our best tips with you.
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9 Dec 2019

TrueHack #4 — Global impact

Our 4th hackathon was focused on our global expansion. Excited to see what TrueLayer is able to do in 30hrs?
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9 Oct 2019

Refresh Tokens — Refreshed

Are single-use refresh tokens worth the perceived security benefits? Let’s dive into it!
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14 Mar 2019

Truehack #3 — Battle Royale

Wol, a newish engineer and Gerisha, an oldie in biz ops, take you into TrueLayer’s hackathon #3!
23 Apr 2018

Truehack #2 — Hackathon

TrueLayer’s Hackathon as seen through the eyes of a TrueLayer newbie and novice hackathon-er