Effortless onboarding for everything

Verify your customer’s account details and ownership in seconds using their bank app.

Instant verification

From 3 days to 3 clicks

Send your conversion rate into the stratosphere by enabling your users to confirm account ownership using a simple fingerprint or faceID. Automate checks through a single API call so your compliance team can focus on the more important things.
  • 90% of good actors verified in 3 clicks
  • Accelerate KYC and AML checks

Bank authentication

Slash your fraud risk

Guarantee source and destination of funds. Verification introduces Strong Customer Authentication checks from the bank into your verification flow to combat identity theft.
  • Verify payment setup
  • Eliminate chargebacks

Automated verification logic

The complete solution

Powered by machine learning, we’ve built a name-matching engine on top of open banking rails. This allows you to instantly and accurately verify users, without having to process streams of raw bank data yourself.
  • Automate verification checks  
  • Instant match logic

Make onboarding intuitive

Bank statements uploads and micro-deposits are prone to errors and take forever. Combining open banking with machine learning, Verification delivers a faster onboarding experience, with 90%+ good actors successfully verified in three clicks.

Use Cases

  • Verify payments

    Use verified account information to guarantee source and destination of funds. Prevent payments from failing due to user error.
  • Onboard new users

    Use real-time data sourced from your user's bank to instantly confirm or challenge account ownership.
  • Onboard new sellers

    Verify that funds and payouts are going into the right account to protect both sellers and shoppers.
  • Your platform for growth

  • Boost conversion

    Remove lengthy forms and manual paperwork, applicants can verify identity and account information in a few clicks.
  • Combat fraud

    Authenticate accounts and payments directly with the bank, slashing fraud and chargebacks and saving you 0.5% - 1% of revenues.
  • Reduce costs

    Say goodbye to expensive data collection. We use open banking infrastructure to offer the most competitive rates.
  • Bank grade security

    Our APIs are Open Banking and PSD2 compliant across Europe ensuring secure access to the financial system.
  • Completely customisable

    Own your customer journey end-to-end. Easily configure authentication flows to match your brand.
  • Increase speed to market

    Focus on building great products, not maintaining your infrastructure. Our systems are built for scale and operate with 99.9% uptime.
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  • Crypto

    Elevate the entire trading experience with instant deposits and withdrawals.
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  • Ecommerce

    Build a seamless checkout experience, stamp out fraud, and eliminate chargebacks.
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  • Financial services

    Get money to market faster, enhance security, and reduce costs.
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  • iGaming

    Stay compliant while delivering a frictionless player experience.
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