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Instant access to open banking

Easily integrate next-generation payments and financial data into any app. Build powerful products your customers love.


Enable frictionless bank payments

Payments API lets you send and receive money on the fastest rails at the lowest rates with a first-class user experience. No cards. No fraud. No chargebacks.

Building with Payments API


Bring verification and payments together

Verify account ownership, accept payments and send withdrawals directly to a customers bank account with PayDirect.

Building with PayDirect


Connect your app to any bank account

Onboard customers in seconds and securely access financial data with Data API. Say goodbye to manual form-filling and accelerate your AML and KYC processes.

Building with Data API

Verification API

Effortless onboarding for everything

Verify your customer’s account details and ownership in seconds with Verification API.
  • Automate verification checks  
  • Accelerate KYC and AML checks
  • Instant match logic
  • iGaming

    Stay compliant while delivering a frictionless player experience.
  • Wealthtech

    Get money to market faster, enhance security, and reduce costs.
  • Ecommerce

    Build a seamless checkout experience, stamp out fraud, and eliminate chargebacks.
  • Digital Banking

    Automate onboarding and provide users with a unified view of their finances.
  • Personal Finance

    Turn banking data into budgeting and saving insights for your users.
  • Crypto

    Elevate the entire trading experience with instant deposits and withdrawals.
  • 50%
    of open banking traffic in the UK, Ireland, and Spain flows through our platform
    higher payment conversion than other open banking providers
    of users convert through our authentication flows

    Full-stack open finance

    Connect to the largest banks, neobanks, and digital wallets in the world. Pay in, pay out, and pull data straight through our platform.
    • Thousands of financial institutions connected
    • 12+ countries supported and growing