Simple Secure Transparent Beautiful Bank APIs

Build financial apps that connect to bank data, verify accounts,
and access transactions in real-time.


Real-time Access to
Structured Financial Data

The complete toolkit for building modern financial apps

Prove Identity

Verify accounts

Streamline your KYC and AML process. Easily verify identity and account ownership using the existing data of your customers.

Access Transactions

Access bank data

View accounts, check balances, and access transaction history. Query bank accounts and cards to build powerful applications.

Verify Accounts

Manage risk

Mitigate fraud and enhance your credit scoring model using detailed income and expenses data from your users' bank account.

Easy to integrate, secure by design

Using OAuth 2.0 authentication you will never need to touch or store user credentials

TrueLayer App
TrueLayer App

Effortless setup

Easily integrate our secure sign-in dialog.

Secure authentication

Obtain tokenized access using a standard OAuth 2.0 flow.

Accurate data

Access real-time data through our fast JSON API.

Fast, secure and easy to implement

Fast, Reliable and Accurate

Fast, reliable and accurate

High availability, low response time, and accurate data. Delight customers with up-to-date data in real-time.

Permission-based Authorisation

Permission-based authorisation

Maximise privacy by touching only the data you need. Less exposure reduces liability and increases customer privacy. PSD2 and GDPR ready.

Batteries included

Batteries included

Simple documentation, client libraries, sample code and round-the-clock technical support.

Security and Privacy by Design

Security first

Store tokens not credentials. Data is encrypted at rest and we don’t keep the encryption keys. So no one but you can read your customers’ data.

Innovators, Pioneers, and Visionaries

We love working with developers, startups, and established companies.
Our pricing is simple and transparent. Start small and scale fast.


Whether you are a FinTech startup, online lender, personal finance manager, robot-advisor, accounting software, marketplace or crowdfunding platform, we deliver a best-in-class API that you can easily integrate into your existing customer journey.

UK Open Banking Standards, PSD2 and Beyond

TrueLayer is in private beta in the UK and will rapidly roll out in all the major European countries during 2017

The UK Open Banking Standard and EU PSD2 will both introduce regulations for open banking. Other data management requirements will be introduced in EU by the General Data Protection Regulation. These will pave the way for a bright future of customer-empowered, accessible and interoperable financial services. We are working closely with banks, regulators, fintech, and industry leaders to provide you with the most robust, compliant tools possible, for use today and tomorrow.

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