A new payments network

Our open banking payments network is made up of banks, businesses, and millions of consumers across the UK and Europe. By directly connecting accounts, we’re changing the way people pay one transaction at a time.

Supporting customers across industries

Streamlining settlement, speeding up onboarding and enabling new services.

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Helping merchants implement strong customer authentication and process refunds.

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Enabling faster signups alongside instant payments and withdrawals.

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Financial services

Supporting new ways to invest and save money through data-enabled payments.

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Making crypto easy with safe and frictionless payment journeys.

Pan-European coverage

We’re connected to most banks in all major European markets.


Safety and security are central

Payments that protect people. That’s what’s most important.

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No passwords, no logins, no card details. 

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Sensitive user data encrypted at rest and in transit.

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Authenticated with the bank. Every single time.

Innovating financial infrastructure

Built on the back of open banking. But going a bit beyond. 

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Your guide to stablecoins

Stablecoins provide the freedom and accountability of cryptocurrencies without the volatility. So how do they work and what are their benefits?
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Ecommerce: 3 things to consider in an open banking payments provider

With open banking evolving all the time, how can online retailers find the perfect partner to help them build their ideal payments use case?
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How we evaluate and adopt new technology

Our approach to technology governance at TrueLayer.
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Open Banking

The ultimate guide to open banking examples and use cases

We looked at millions of open banking API calls to find the most promising open banking examples.

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