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27 Jan 2023
24 hours to build a moat: inside TrueLayer’s annual hackathon
TrueLayeristas share their hacks and highlights from this year's hackathon.
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5 Dec 2022
TrueTalk with Ethan Brierley
Meet Ethan – Rust programmer, bug photographer and engineer at TrueLayer.
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4 Jul 2022
Interviewing at TrueLayer: the complete guide
Everything you need to know about our hiring process.
1 Feb 2022
24 hours to change how the world pays: tales from our hackathon
TrueLayeristas give their account of our fifth annual TrueLayer hackathon.
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25 Jan 2022
TrueTalk with Brenton
Meet Brenton Charnley – road cyclist, dad-to-be and TrueLayer's CEO for Australia & New Zealand.
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5 Jan 2022
TrueTalk with Jack
Meet Jack – cellist, father, Yorkshire lad, ex-FCA advisor and TrueLayer’s Head of Public Policy.
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1 Jan 2022
TrueTalk with Sebastian
Meet Sebastian – fintech expert, football fan and TrueLayer’s General Manager for Germany.
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20 Oct 2021
TrueTalk with Laura
Meet Laura – Technical Support Engineer, tango dancer and BBQ enthusiast.
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29 Jul 2021
TrueTalk with Raluca
Meet Raluca – Engineering Lead, dancer, soon-to-be mother, and one of the very first TrueLayeristas.
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30 Jun 2021
Pride 2021: 5 ways to be a better ally
As part of our Pride month celebrations, we hosted a company-wide roundtable on what it means to be an ally. Here’s what we learned.
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2 Jun 2021
TrueTalk with Jingrui
Meet Jingrui – problem solver, podcast host, and TrueLayer's global partnerships manager.
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23 Feb 2021
TrueTalk with Ben Foster
Meet Ben — hacker, foodie, DIY enthusiast, amateur logger and TrueLayer’s new VP of Engineering.