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Simon Schwartz
Simon Schwartz, Senior Customer Success Manager
22 Jun 2023
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As we mark Pride 2023, we’re reminded that — amongst the challenges we continue to face as a community — there are many things to celebrate.

So this year, we’ve connected with our network of partners and friends to highlight DE&I initiatives making a difference, and reflect on how to build workplace policies that make a lasting impact.

While equal opportunities for women remains an issue at large, those in the LGBTQ+ community often face even deeper discrimination.

Latest research reports that three-quarters of LGBTQ+ women fear coming out at work, and a staggering 75% have encountered prejudice and intolerance. This highlights a pressing need for employers to do more to support the community — beyond Pride, all year round.

SheCanCode is one of many organisations on a mission to close the gender gap and promote inclusivity, by supporting and inspiring women to succeed in their tech careers.

In this interview, we catch up with Content Director Kayleigh Bateman, who strives to ensure voices from all communities are heard.

SheCanCode’s admirable mission is to close the gender gap in tech. How do you support women in the LGBTQ+ community?

We’ve seen the advantages diversity brings but change doesn’t happen overnight. So we encourage and support women to pursue careers in the tech sector, no matter how they identify, and advocate for companies focused on increasing diversity.

We also actively recruit a diverse group of contributors to our blog squad and podcast series, to ensure voices from all walks of life are heard.

I recommend checking out our interview with CEO and entrepreneur Nicky Hoyland, who shared her experiences of being out in the workplace.

You have a strong voice when it comes to inclusivity. How do you advocate for this in your workplace?

We are dedicated to making SheCanCode an inclusive workplace where our team feels welcomed and valued. Team members are encouraged to drive SheCanCode’s mission, regardless of their level of experience or job title. This sense of belonging connects us with our community — committed to being open and supportive.

How can businesses measure the effectiveness of their DE&I initiatives?

We know DE&I isn’t at the top of every company’s agenda, but it should be. To measure effectiveness, companies need to ensure inclusivity is seen as a priority and not an afterthought.

Inclusion must be woven into a company's culture, stem from the top down, and be recognised as essential to the success of the business. We work with dedicated companies that have chosen passionate employees who care about their partnership with us.

It takes more than just checking a box and budgeting in the name of inclusion. Every organisation needs committed leaders — who collaborate on the right initiatives — to implement and drive change.

What’s next for SheCanCode?

As a female-focused global career platform, SheCanCode provides advice, tools, events, and jobs to support and inspire women to succeed in their tech careers.

Providing engaging content and resources to our users is a key part of our efforts to build an inclusive community. We aim to continue sharing the stories of companies that are driving change, and celebrate individuals who are paving the way for more diversity in tech around the world.

We are proud to be a SheCanCode partner, and to contribute towards their growing community.

Check out SheCanCode’s comprehensive hub of resources and upcoming events here.

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