Recurring payments

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26 Jun 2023

Variable Recurring Payments and sweeping: everything you need to know

What are variable recurring payments (VRPs) and how will they benefit businesses who collect payments online?
Recurring payment calendar
8 Dec 2022

3 lessons for VRP in 2023

It’s been a big year for the development of variable recurring payments. Product leaders from Chip, Curve and iwoca tell us why and explain what's to come.
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23 Nov 2022

What are the best payment methods for subscription businesses?

With the subscription economy booming, what are the best ways to effectively collect recurring payments from your customers and keep churn to a minimum?
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26 May 2022

Annual vs monthly subscription billing schedules

Find out everything you need to know about annual and monthly subscription billing schedules, the pros and cons and how to utilise both of them.
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26 Apr 2022

Introducing Variable Recurring Payments at TrueLayer

Our recurring payments API is now available for sweeping and non-sweeping use cases. More people in the UK can experience the transparency and speed of VRP.
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14 Apr 2022

What you need to know about the VRP for sweeping rule changes

The Competition and Markets Authority has clarified its definition of sweeping. So how will that affect how VRP will be used?
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7 Jan 2022

Your guide to subscription business models

Many profitable businesses use subscription models, but which type could be right for your brand?
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18 Nov 2021

From sweeping to subscriptions – what's next for open banking VRPs?

UK banks are busy creating new open banking VRP APIs. It could mark the start of a revolution in how people pay.