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7 things you need to know about PSD3
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27 Jun 2023

PSD3 has arrived: 7 key things you need to know

PSD2 becomes PSR1, plus a brand new PSD3. What are all they key changes?
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3 Feb 2023

How are your funds protected at TrueLayer? A guide to safeguarding

As a customer of TrueLayer, any funds you hold with us are legally protected.
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13 Jan 2023

Europe can’t do open banking without the banks

Banks have a key role in open banking. They should use it to compete with Big Tech, keep their customers happy and attract new ones.
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22 Sep 2022

Launching the Open Finance Association

TrueLayer is thrilled to announce our membership in the newly launched Open Finance Association (OFA).
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13 Sep 2022

What is Anti Money Laundering, and what are AML checks? TrueLayer

Many industries are required to put in place anti-money laundering practices. Learn about AML checks, the three stages of money laundering and more here.
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14 Feb 2022

Explaining changes to the 90 day rule for open banking access

A guide to the new requirements, how they could be implemented and what it means in practice.
12 stars of the EU flag with PSD2 in the middle
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8 Nov 2021

What is PSD2 regulation & what does it mean for you? | TrueLayer

Want to learn about PSD2 regulations and what it means for your business? Read our full guide to everything PSD2 to get you up to speed. Learn more.
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18 Jun 2021

What is SCA and how can open banking help?

SCA for cards will finally come into force on the 14th March. Here's how open banking can help.
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29 Apr 2021

Consumer protections: how do open banking payments compare?

We examine the security and protections provided by open banking when buying online.
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6 Nov 2020

eIDAS update: What the FCA’s latest rules mean for TPPs

The FCA has ruled on an alternative to eIDAS certificates
3 lessons for open finance
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7 May 2020

3 lessons for open finance

As the UK and EU authorities consider how to achieve open finance, we share key learnings from the roll-out of open banking.
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9 Aug 2019

SCA is not too far away: switch to open banking

Strong Customer Authentication is coming on 14 September — and now is the time to switch to open banking.