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11 Nov 2020
Design at TrueLayer: our shared principles and values
Our secret sauce for building a close-knit design community
4 Nov 2020
TrueTalk with Ossama
Meet Ossama, father, boardgame nerd, travel enthusiast — and TrueLayer’s new Chief Product Officer.
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2 Oct 2020
TrueTalk with Julie
Meet our entrepreneurial colleague Julie, a diversity and inclusion champion and Senior Legal Counsel at TrueLayer.
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10 Jul 2020
TrueTalk with Jamish
Meet our engaging and thoughtful colleague, Jamish, a Customer Success Manager in the Commercial team at TrueLayer.
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11 Jun 2020
Our commitment to change
We stand against racism, and we stand with our Black friends, family members, and colleagues: Black Lives Matter.
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13 May 2020
Support charities and crisis workers during Covid-19 with Donate Direct
Introducing our new donation app – Donate Direct – designed to raise funds for charities and crisis workers on the frontline.
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28 Apr 2020
TrueTalk with George
Meet our driven and musical colleague, George, our Product lead in the Payments team at TrueLayer.
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20 Mar 2020
Scaling our culture - How we operate at TrueLayer
When we think about our mission at TrueLayer - to grow the open banking economy - we often think about what that means for our customers. In this post, we want to share what our mission means for our team.
2 Dec 2019
What’s it like to be an intern at TrueLayer?
Read about the experience through the eyes of our first group of Alumni.
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24 Oct 2019
Being yourself at work: Inclusion and Diversity at TrueLayer
Follow along with Yasmin, from our Growth team and Chris, Head of Client Care as they describe how they view and have experienced both inclusion and diversity at TrueLayer.
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26 Sep 2019
TrueTalk with Desi
Meet our lively colleague, Desi, our UX/UI Designer in the Experience Design team at TrueLayer!
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2 Jul 2019
TrueLayer retreat 2019: pride, purpose, belonging
Salim Cherkaoui, our Talent Acquisition Partner and Nicki Clark, our Visual Designer, report on the highlights of the third annual TrueLayer retreat.