Open banking

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12 Oct 2020
5 lessons on launching an open banking app in Ireland
Olivia and Irish Life co-launched one of Ireland's first open banking apps. Here’s what we learned.
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5 Aug 2020
How different banks have implemented PSD2 in Europe
Here at TrueLayer, we’ve been experiencing first-hand the varying ways banks have implemented PSD2.
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8 Apr 2020
What’s the difference anyway? Comparing open banking in the UK to Australia
One of the main questions we get asked by our UK clients is: “So how, exactly, is open banking different in other parts of the world?”
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2 Apr 2020
Customers and the data chain: Agents and others
Looking beyond data retrieval, what are the protections for onward sharing of transaction data?
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26 Mar 2020
Customers and the Data Chain: Retrieving data
How are customers protected in open banking?
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2 Mar 2020
Understanding the Consumer Data Right — Australia’s take on open banking
Helping our customers go global is part of the deal. Here, we tell you all about Australia’s take on open banking.
6 Feb 2020
eIDAS certificates: covering all bases
How we’re helping our regulated clients prepare for PSD2 identification in the run-up to 14 March 2020.
23 Dec 2019
2020 open banking predictions
Open banking started to take off in 2019 — what will 2020 hold? Here are my predictions.
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16 Apr 2019
Switch to open banking from credential sharing today
Starting in September non-open banking methods of accessing data will be deemed non-compliant. Get ready and start integrating open banking today.
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5 Feb 2019
Open banking: build vs buy
What we've learned about why our clients have chosen to accelerate with TrueLayer, instead of building their own open banking data connectors.
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3 Dec 2018
Open Banking 2018: building trust in end users
We analysed the authentication flows of open banking and challenger banks to identify friction. Here’s some constructive feedback addressed at CMA9s to promote open banking adoption.
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17 Jan 2018
Open Banking, PSD2, the FCA and Us…
What a start to the week! TrueLayer got FCA authorised to provide Account Information Services (AIS) and Payment Initiation Services (PIS)…