18 Feb 2022

What are continuous payment authorities (CPAs)?

Find out everything you need to know about continuous payment authorities, including how they work, advantages and disadvantages, and available alternatives.
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8 Dec 2021

Beyond PSD2: what’s next for payments in Europe?

PSD2 kickstarted payments innovation in Europe, but what's holding it back and where do we go from here?
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3 Nov 2021

App2app payments have landed in Spain – and conversion just jumped 10%

Open banking payments are now quicker and easier in Spain.
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26 May 2021

Open banking refunds and reverse payments: what you need to know

A guide to what you can and can't do with open banking refunds.
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19 Mar 2021

Debunking a payment myth: why open banking is ready for mainstream

Adoption of open banking payments is skyrocketing, yet some say they're not ready to go mainstream.
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11 Mar 2021

What are instant payments? Are they really instant?

We compare UK and European payment rails to find out what instant really means in the world of online payments.
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21 Dec 2020

Is 2021 the end of cards?

It’s time to reflect on the year in open banking and make one prediction for 2021.
30 Oct 2020

Our response to HM Treasury’s Payments Landscape Review

What’s next for UK payments and how we can improve the network for businesses and consumers?