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10 Sep 2019

Say hello to our brand new Console!

When it comes to picking a preferred API company, we know developers have the final word. We redesigned our Console from the ground up to foster automation and set the ground for a faster, more reliable product.
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Compliance & reg
9 Aug 2019

SCA is not too far away: switch to open banking

Strong Customer Authentication is coming on 14 September — and now is the time to switch to open banking.
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16 Jul 2019

Banking at your fingertips

We're on a mission to allow your users to connect their bank accounts with just a touch of their finger.
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2 Jul 2019

TrueLayer retreat 2019: pride, purpose, belonging

Salim Cherkaoui, our Talent Acquisition Partner and Nicki Clark, our Visual Designer, report on the highlights of the third annual TrueLayer retreat.
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19 Jun 2019

TrueTalk with Sean

Meet our curious and highly motivated colleague, Sean, who is an Engineer for the Data Connectivity team here at TrueLayer!
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12 Jun 2019

Managing your TrueLayer tokens: the do’s and don’ts

Learn the best practices around storing and renewing your tokens and avoid common issues.
Money moving sideways
5 Jun 2019

Today and tomorrow – our $35M funding round

TrueLayer has just raised a $35M round of financing!
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14 May 2019

TrueTalk with Jiun Yi

Meet our amiable and multitalented colleague, Jiun Yi, who is a new addition to the Growth team here at TrueLayer.
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Open Banking
16 Apr 2019

Switch to open banking from credential sharing today

Starting in September non-open banking methods of accessing data will be deemed non-compliant. Get ready and start integrating open banking today.
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14 Mar 2019

Truehack #3 — Battle Royale

Wol, a newish engineer and Gerisha, an oldie in biz ops, take you into TrueLayer’s hackathon #3!
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Open Banking
5 Feb 2019

Open banking: build vs buy

What we've learned about why our clients have chosen to accelerate with TrueLayer, instead of building their own open banking data connectors.
30 Jan 2019

Presenting the Payments API

Take advantage of open banking to receive money from your customers instantly.