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18 Oct 2018
TrueTalk with Neil
Meet our quick-witted and fun-loving colleague, Neil, who is the Tech Lead for the Data API team here at TrueLayer!
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1 Aug 2018
Introducing Auth Dialog V2
How the Design Team at TrueLayer designed a brand-new authentication dialog that permits end-users to share their banking data more easily.
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25 Jul 2018
Next chapter: investing $7.5m in our customers
TrueLayer has just raised a $7.5m round of financing led by Northzone!
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9 Jul 2018
TrueTalk with Naomi
Meet our cheerful and (effortlessly) cool colleague, Naomi, who handles Support at TrueLayer
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18 Jun 2018
TrueLayer retreat 2018: building and bonding in the Sicilian sun
Jarvis Prestidge, our Software Engineer, and Nicki Clark our Visual Designer describe the TrueLayer Italian retreat and what we all discovered along the way.
23 Apr 2018
Truehack #2 — Hackathon
TrueLayer’s Hackathon as seen through the eyes of a TrueLayer newbie and novice hackathon-er
10 Apr 2018
Starling Bank’s API integration is live
Starling Bank has been integrated into TrueLayer’s unified API to make developers’ life easier.
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17 Jan 2018
Open Banking, PSD2, the FCA and Us…
What a start to the week! TrueLayer got FCA authorised to provide Account Information Services (AIS) and Payment Initiation Services (PIS)…
14 Nov 2017
Brand, Branding, and Moroccan Tajines
Building an identity along with our people.
11 Oct 2017
AIS: To register or not to register?
A short note about PSD2 and the FCA regulatory process for AIS.
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20 Sep 2017
TrueHack #1
TrueHack, YouHack, WeAllHack …
16 Aug 2017
Shefali Roy — I’m joining TrueLayer to build Bank APIs
Let me tell you why.