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12 Jun 2019
Managing your TrueLayer tokens: the do’s and don’ts
Learn the best practices around storing and renewing your tokens and avoid common issues.
Money moving sideways
5 Jun 2019
Today and tomorrow – our $35M funding round
TrueLayer has just raised a $35M round of financing!
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14 May 2019
TrueTalk with Jiun Yi
Meet our amiable and multitalented colleague, Jiun Yi, who is a new addition to the Growth team here at TrueLayer.
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16 Apr 2019
Switch to open banking from credential sharing today
Starting in September non-open banking methods of accessing data will be deemed non-compliant. Get ready and start integrating open banking today.
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14 Mar 2019
Truehack #3 — Battle Royale
Wol, a newish engineer and Gerisha, an oldie in biz ops, take you into TrueLayer’s hackathon #3!
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5 Feb 2019
Open banking: build vs buy
What we've learned about why our clients have chosen to accelerate with TrueLayer, instead of building their own open banking data connectors.
30 Jan 2019
Presenting the Payments API
Take advantage of open banking to receive money from your customers instantly.
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25 Jan 2019
Want to ship your product? Become our agents!
We can help you bridge a temporary regulatory time gap: you can become a PSD2 agent of TrueLayer, while you await your own RAISP / AISP license application outcome.
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18 Dec 2018
Something to write home about
Ares, from People Ops, and Abrar from Recruiting, give a detailed account of the considerations that shaped the wonderful new TrueLayer office.
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3 Dec 2018
Open Banking 2018: building trust in end users
We analysed the authentication flows of open banking and challenger banks to identify friction. Here’s some constructive feedback addressed at CMA9s to promote open banking adoption.
31 Oct 2018
Product update – we're live with open banking
What’s new with TrueLayer’s Data API — Oct 2018
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22 Oct 2018
Scanning the regulatory horizon
Empowering our clients to grow the open banking economy, and guiding them through its correct implementation and application.