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9 Dec 2019

TrueHack #4 — Global impact

Our 4th hackathon was focused on our global expansion. Excited to see what TrueLayer is able to do in 30hrs?
2 Dec 2019

What’s it like to be an intern at TrueLayer?

Read about the experience through the eyes of our first group of Alumni.
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4 Nov 2019

TrueLayer and Emma: Working together to power your best financial friend

Managing your household budget every month can be a real challenge, but one of TrueLayer’s partners — Emma — is helping to change this.
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24 Oct 2019

Being yourself at work: Inclusion and Diversity at TrueLayer

Follow along with Yasmin, from our Growth team and Chris, Head of Client Care as they describe how they view and have experienced both inclusion and diversity at TrueLayer.
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9 Oct 2019

Refresh Tokens — Refreshed

Are single-use refresh tokens worth the perceived security benefits? Let’s dive into it!
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26 Sep 2019

TrueTalk with Desi

Meet our lively colleague, Desi, our UX/UI Designer in the Experience Design team at TrueLayer!
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10 Sep 2019

Say hello to our brand new Console!

When it comes to picking a preferred API company, we know developers have the final word. We redesigned our Console from the ground up to foster automation and set the ground for a faster, more reliable product.
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9 Aug 2019

SCA is not too far away: switch to open banking

Strong Customer Authentication is coming on 14 September — and now is the time to switch to open banking.
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16 Jul 2019

Banking at your fingertips

We're on a mission to allow your users to connect their bank accounts with just a touch of their finger.
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2 Jul 2019

TrueLayer retreat 2019: pride, purpose, belonging

Salim Cherkaoui, our Talent Acquisition Partner and Nicki Clark, our Visual Designer, report on the highlights of the third annual TrueLayer retreat.
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19 Jun 2019

TrueTalk with Sean

Meet our curious and highly motivated colleague, Sean, who is an Engineer for the Data Connectivity team here at TrueLayer!
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12 Jun 2019

Managing your TrueLayer tokens: the do’s and don’ts

Learn the best practices around storing and renewing your tokens and avoid common issues.