TrueLayer and Emma: Working together to power your best financial friend

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Steve Morrison, Customer success manager
4 Nov 2019
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Saving and managing money can be hard work but luckily, there are now handy apps available that can help you to build financial freedom through budgeting, spend tracking, and saving.

At TrueLayer, we are proud to work with some of the best apps and companies in this space. One of these companies is Emma, a money management app, which is a leader in helping you build your personal financial freedom.

Emma uses state of the art technology to analyse your personal finances and give you the power to make smarter decisions with your money. Everyone deserves a financial advocate. We don’t serve anyone else’s interests, so we put the financial well-being of our users first — we help you avoid overdrafts, find wasteful subscriptions and give you the control you want over your finances.


Edoardo Moreni, CEO & Co-founder

Edoardo and the team at Emma are passionate about letting people take control of their finances, and in order to do this, they have integrated our Data API to obtain Balance ⚖️ and Transactional data, which they can use to provide insights on your spending and budgeting, maintain your credit score and help you pay off debt more efficiently.

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Of course, in order to give you a clear understanding of where your money is going, you need to know how you are spending it. Our Data API includes an enrichment layer, so transactional data is classified and categorised before being passed to our customers, like Emma.

What does that mean? For example, if you head to Costa for a hot drink, TrueLayer will ensure that the transaction is correctly classified — in this case, as “Food & Dining” and “Coffee Shops”.

Emma can then use this information along with other logic they have built to put that spend in the right category — allowing them to advise you that, yes, you have spent too much on lattes this week (and, let’s be honest — who amongst us, hasn’t!).

Emma’s partnership with TrueLayer also means that those with more than one bank account, which is quite common these days, can link all of their money sources within one app. The Data API makes this easy, allowing Emma’s customers to choose from multiple banks, and to link the accounts they want. Emma recently began using TrueLayer’s Revolut integration, adding extra functionality and options for their users.


Most of our users use more than one bank account, so giving them the ability to connect all of their accounts is crucial for helping them manage their money in one place.

Here at TrueLayer, we’ve been thrilled to work with Emma. We’re immensely proud that they’re one of our first customers, and this partnership has allowed both companies to improve and strengthen our products. We love seeing our tools power products that are in the hands of real consumers, especially a product like Emma which is loved so much. So far, it’s been a success.

We are excited to help Emma build new features, and keep on growing together. 🚀

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