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Connect your app with any bank

A single service to access identity data, balance and transaction data from your users’ bank account. Take advantage of Open Banking and PSD2 today.

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One unified platform to immediately access the bank data of 98% of the population in the UK. Get up and running within a few lines of code.

Open Banking Enabled

Open Banking Enabled

Implement a single API to access any bank - whether through oAuth or Credential Sharing - to take advantage of the Open Banking revolution.



Access transaction data, identity, and balance as real-time as the bank with update schedules in your control.



Customise our Bank Login to fit your brand and user journey. Update its visual style directly from the console - no integration changes needed.



Store tokens, not credentials. Data is encrypted at rest and we don’t keep the encryption keys. So no one but you can read your customers’ data.



Get rich insights from user behavior by putting transactions into context with type, category and merchant info. Data is normalised across banks.

Take advantage of Global Connectivity

Connect your application with more than 2000+ banks in Europe today.

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Use cases

Data and Account Aggregation

View accounts, check balances, and access transaction history. Query bank accounts and cards to build powerful applications.

Verify Bank Accounts

Streamline your KYC and AML process. Easily verify identity and account ownership using the existing data of your customers.

Credit Decision

Mitigate fraud and enhance your credit scoring model using detailed income and expenses data from your users’ bank account.

  • identity
  • real-time balance
  • transaction history
  • list accounts
  • credit cards
  • classified transactions

Built for Developers

We think that complexity can be simplified, that innovation cannot be hindered and that data should not be siloed. Our API is built for scale, designed for security, and tested for high availability. With TrueLayer, you can focus on building what matters - your product.


Chat directly with our team anytime you need help.

Great Documentation

Everything you need to start building with extensive documentation, guides and code snippets.

Cross-platform Experiences

Consistent experience on desktop, web, iOS, and Android, and libraries that work with your existing code.

Change Management

Documented, versioned, non-breaking changes don’t disrupt your experience.

Data API
Everything you need in one place

Developer Console

The developer Console is the hub for everything TrueLayer. Get your API key and start in minutes. No humans in the way.

  • open banking
  • credential sharing
  • live metrics
  • auth link builder

TrueLayer is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Services Regulations 2017 as an Authorised Payment Institution to provide account information services and payment initiation services (Firm Reference Number: 793171).


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Active Account Connection
What is an "active connected account"?

It’s a single connection with a bank where data has been accessed at least once during the last 30 days.