Say hello to our brand new Console!

Mirta Rotondo, VP of Brand and Design
10 Sep 2019
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After our recent series C, our CEO Francesco Simoneschi shared his intentions to invest more in one of the most valuable assets an API company can have: a first class developer experience.

Ensuring that all the developers integrating TrueLayer’s APIs are happy, is vital to guarantee the success of our company. Because of that, we assembled a brand new team of designers and frontend developers focused on building a developer experience that is functional, stable, fast, easy to use, and clear. Because we believe that if it doesn’t work well, then it just doesn’t work.

To show you our commitment to fulfilling our promises, we have worked hard in the past few quarters to bring you a new version of the TrueLayer Console. Let’s take a look at what’s new!

Improved onboarding experience

Creating your application with TrueLayer is now easier. A better design will guide first-time users through each step of the wizard to better understand what is what and how we are handling things behind the scenes, for the sake of transparency.

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Our full product offering is now supported in Console. Both Data API and Payments API details can be configured on the “application settings” page. But there’s more: getting started guides and plan upgrades are now integrated in an effort to prepare the ground for a complete self-serve experience.


We understand the importance of brand recognition and we believe that incorporating your brand values is essential for a successful UX. A branded UI not only provides a more natural and harmonic feeling of the brand, but it also increases credibility. Our clients can now customise the Truelayer Dialogs autonomously, directly from our Console. From logo upload, skipping specific steps of the flow, background colour, text updates and more, your branded experience is just a colour picker away!

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Auth link builder

Our plan to expand into new geographies and to build global connectivity will inevitably add complexity to our APIs. The greater our reach, the more we’ll have to support new access methods, provider brands, groups, and types, in a thoughtful way that is suited to each country or market. However, any new functionality from our expansion shouldn’t create friction for the developers who are integrating with our product. So, we have done our best to minimise the complexities for you by providing a clear and easy to use interface.

You can use our brand new Auth link builder to generate your Auth link in a few clicks. Tabs, filters, and bulk actions will help you go live with your product in no time!

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Alerts and notifications

One of our design team mottos is: “if it’s not clear, provide context!” Context is what makes seemingly unclear problems, tangible. With the introduction of alerts and notification, we aim at sharing the bigger picture with you. Need help understanding the behaviours of a specific UI component? Need more context on the latest regulatory updates that permit/prevent usage of a specific feature? All this will be embedded in the UI so you don’t have to go elsewhere to find your answers.

Product demo

Tailored content

Whether you are a client testing in the Sandbox environment, a client interested in using one product only, both of them, or a TrueLayer Agent, our Console will only show content that is relevant for you. Because you deserve an experience that is built around your needs and not the other way around.

100% responsive

We built the new Console with our proprietary design system: Prisma. Our styled components guarantee a consistent experience and adapt to a beautifully handcrafted grid so that you can integrate our APIs from (almost) any device and browser. Sorry IE11… 🤷

GDPR updates

Your privacy is golden. We are always updating the structure and design of our product to implement privacy by design. If you want to know more about something, or you have suggestions, please let us know!

We ❤️ Feedback

We wanted to thank all of our clients who reached out to provide feedback and request new features. We built this new Console based on your suggestions and analysing usage data.

We really hope you will enjoy it and keep on getting in touch at [email protected] so that we can keep on improving your experience and higher the standards of our products.

Ad maiora! 💪

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