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17 Apr 2020
Bringing TrueLayer’s open banking platform to France
Securely access financial data from France’s largest banks.
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8 Apr 2020
What’s the difference anyway? Comparing open banking in the UK to Australia
One of the main questions we get asked by our UK clients is: “So how, exactly, is open banking different in other parts of the world?”
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2 Apr 2020
Customers and the data chain: Agents and others
Looking beyond data retrieval, what are the protections for onward sharing of transaction data?
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26 Mar 2020
Customers and the Data Chain: Retrieving data
How are customers protected in open banking?
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22 Mar 2020
How open banking can help during COVID-19
At TrueLayer, we believe open banking can be a force for good, helping society to advance by streamlining processes, reducing costs, and enabling impactful innovation where it is needed the most.
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20 Mar 2020
Scaling our culture - How we operate at TrueLayer
When we think about our mission at TrueLayer - to grow the open banking economy - we often think about what that means for our customers. In this post, we want to share what our mission means for our team.
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2 Mar 2020
Understanding the Consumer Data Right — Australia’s take on open banking
Helping our customers go global is part of the deal. Here, we tell you all about Australia’s take on open banking.
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11 Feb 2020
Partnering with Revolut to give people greater control over their finances
In pursuit of its goal to give people greater control over their financial lives, Revolut has launched open banking for all UK customers using TrueLayer
6 Feb 2020
eIDAS certificates: covering all bases
How we’re helping our regulated clients prepare for PSD2 identification in the run-up to 14 March 2020.
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16 Jan 2020
Improving the classification of your transaction data with machine learning
How the Data Platform team at TrueLayer improved purchase transaction classification with machine learning.
23 Dec 2019
2020 open banking predictions
Open banking started to take off in 2019 — what will 2020 hold? Here are my predictions.
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16 Dec 2019
Why system dashboard design matters and how to do it well
Running a rapidly growing platform at TrueLayer has taught us a lot about system dashboard design. From latency to replicas and resource usage, let us share our best tips with you.