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10 Sep 2020
The wealthtech customer journey: reimagined
Savvy wealthtechs like Nutmeg, Trading 212, Stake and Freetrade are using open banking to eliminate friction in the user experience.
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26 Aug 2020
Marketplaces: 5 reasons to care about open banking
Online marketplaces are booming, but operators face tricky challenges. How can open banking help?
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5 Aug 2020
How different banks have implemented PSD2 in Europe
Here at TrueLayer, we’ve been experiencing first-hand the varying ways banks have implemented PSD2.
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4 Aug 2020
TrueLayer launches in Italy
You can now access data from the largest banks in Italy with TrueLayer
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27 Jul 2020
Expanding our coverage to Spain
You can now use TrueLayer’s open banking platform to access data from the largest banks in Spain.
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20 Jul 2020
How open banking is revolutionising online gambling
Player experience is more important than ever. The need to convert and retain loyal players is critical to long-term success.
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10 Jul 2020
TrueTalk with Jamish
Meet our engaging and thoughtful colleague, Jamish, a Customer Success Manager in the Commercial team at TrueLayer.
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17 Jun 2020
TrueLayer in Ireland
You can now use TrueLayer’s open banking platform to access data from the largest banks in Ireland.
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11 Jun 2020
Our commitment to change
We stand against racism, and we stand with our Black friends, family members, and colleagues: Black Lives Matter.
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13 May 2020
Support charities and crisis workers during Covid-19 with Donate Direct
Introducing our new donation app – Donate Direct – designed to raise funds for charities and crisis workers on the frontline.
3 lessons for open finance
7 May 2020
3 lessons for open finance
As the UK and EU authorities consider how to achieve open finance, we share key learnings from the roll-out of open banking.
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28 Apr 2020
TrueTalk with George
Meet our driven and musical colleague, George, our Product lead in the Payments team at TrueLayer.