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19 Mar 2021

Debunking a payment myth: why open banking is ready for mainstream

Adoption of open banking payments is skyrocketing, yet some say they're not ready to go mainstream.
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11 Mar 2021

What are instant payments? Are they really instant?

We compare UK and European payment rails to find out what instant really means in the world of online payments.
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5 Mar 2021

The fast track to open finance

3 strategies to accelerate open finance in the UK
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23 Feb 2021

TrueTalk with Ben Foster

Meet Ben — hacker, foodie, DIY enthusiast, amateur logger and TrueLayer’s new VP of Engineering.
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18 Feb 2021

Monzo and TrueLayer team up to protect vulnerable customers

We’re running a joint pilot to create an open banking powered gambling block.
10 Feb 2021

How we built PayDirect

Engineering a new open banking based payment method.
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2 Feb 2021

The GameStop short squeeze: why open banking matters in trading

How open banking gave platforms like Freetrade and Revolut the advantage
26 Jan 2021

Introducing PayDirect

Today we launch our new open banking payment solution to replace cards online
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19 Jan 2021

UX/UI guides: how to optimise your open banking user journey

Give your users a better in-app experience by following these simple implementation techniques.
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11 Jan 2021

Engineering at TrueLayer: the wabi-sabi way

Our engineering principles guide us as we scale
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21 Dec 2020

Is 2021 the end of cards?

It’s time to reflect on the year in open banking and make one prediction for 2021.
UI from an investment app showing an instant bank payment
10 Dec 2020

How to build a better investor experience – new YouGov data

The payment innovations that wealthtech users want