French flag with the truelayer logo
17 Apr 2020
Bringing TrueLayer’s open banking platform to France
Securely access financial data from France’s largest banks.
TrueLayer logo with shapes in the background
22 Mar 2020
How open banking can help during COVID-19
At TrueLayer, we believe open banking can be a force for good, helping society to advance by streamlining processes, reducing costs, and enabling impactful innovation where it is needed the most.
Money moving sideways
5 Jun 2019
Today and tomorrow – our $35M funding round
TrueLayer has just raised a $35M round of financing!
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18 Dec 2018
Something to write home about
Ares, from People Ops, and Abrar from Recruiting, give a detailed account of the considerations that shaped the wonderful new TrueLayer office.
31 Oct 2018
Product update – we're live with open banking
What’s new with TrueLayer’s Data API — Oct 2018
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25 Jul 2018
Next chapter: investing $7.5m in our customers
TrueLayer has just raised a $7.5m round of financing led by Northzone!
8 Aug 2017
Introducing TrueLayer
Banking is necessary, banks are not — Bill Gates