Bringing TrueLayer’s open banking platform to France

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Rafik Djeridi, Product lead
17 Apr 2020

Digital finance is more relevant now than ever. As the world begins to adapt to a new normal, having easy online access to the financial services we need is paramount.

From paperless income verification to contactless payments, open banking technology is enabling the innovation required to make finance work for everyone in these uncertain times.

Over the past couple of years, TrueLayer has become the leading open banking provider in the UK, routing over half of all open banking traffic. Our platform is battle-tested by some of the biggest names in fintech, helping developers build better financial products at companies like Revolut, Monzo, and Zopa.

This means you can securely access financial data from France’s largest banks using TrueLayer; it’s free to get started using our developer console. France is home to one of the most dynamic fintech markets in the world, which makes it the perfect place for us to offer our platform, enabling developers to build better financial products for their customers.

Under the hood

As always, our API-centric platform remains unified. We’ve normalised France’s approach to PSD2, so our current clients can enable French banks in their console immediately. Our products are 100% API based, which means they are faster, safer, and more reliable than alternative solutions like screen scraping.

  • Faster — Data and payments are received in real-time.

  • Safer for you — Users authenticate directly with their bank, reducing the risk of fraud.

  • Safer for your customers — No user credentials are ever stored, we provide superior security by encrypting data and not storing encryption keys. Customers can revoke access to their bank account at any time.

  • Reliable — Data is sent via direct bank channels in a machine-readable format.

No PSD2 licence? No Problem!

Become an agent of TrueLayer and start operating under our license. This is an excellent solution for those who want to get to market faster while they apply for their own licence or those who wish to become a long-term agent.

Our platform is enabled through France’s STET initiative, which stands for “Systèmes Technologiques D’échange et de Traitement”, or in English; “Technological Systems for Exchange and Processing”. It’s also the name of the organisation responsible for bringing “next-generation solutions with open-access and transparent user policies” to the French banks and banking communities.

What you can build with TrueLayer

With seamless and secure access to financial data and payments, there is no limit to what you can build. Our platform unlocks a range of powerful use cases, below are some popular examples.

Account Verification

CreditLadder uses Account Verification to verify account ownership and confirm monthly rent payments are being made by their customers, enabling them to improve credit history and credit scores.

“We believe in working with best in class partners to help build a strong and sustainable business. The support from TrueLayer in a space that has seen continual change over the last 2–3 years has been invaluable.”


Sheraz Dar,

CEO & Co-founder

Account Aggregation

Revolut uses Account Aggregation to enable customers to manage all of their finances from a single app.

“Delivering a seamless experience to our retail and business customers is hugely important for us. We want customers to get instant value from the wide variety of new features we are building. When our customers say it’s easy to connect their external accounts using the TrueLayer integration, that’s a huge tick for us.”


Joshua Fernandes,

OB Product Owner

Account Top Up

ANNA Money uses Account Top Up to help small business owners get paid instantly using a QR code.

“It couldn’t have been easier to get started with TrueLayer, the customer service is amazing. Any questions were answered practically immediately, and technical integration very straightforward. Our developers were able to integrate quickly and seamlessly.”


Irakli Agladze,

Head of open banking

Interested in using our platform in France?

With TrueLayer, it’s free to get started, easy to build, and affordable to scale rapidly. Our APIs are simple to integrate, so you can have your first proof-of-concept up and running in hours.

Want to learn more? Visit our website or contact us to learn more.

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