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Recurring payments
26 Jun 2023

Variable Recurring Payments and sweeping: everything you need to know

What are variable recurring payments (VRPs) and how will they benefit businesses who collect payments online?
Blog cover she can cod
22 Jun 2023

Pride, present and future: SheCanCode

SheCanCode Content Director Kayleigh Bateman on DE&I and how to measure it more effectively.
Mayur Gupta
15 Jun 2023

Pride, present and future: Career Accelerator

Career Accelerator CEO Mayur Gupa reflects on representing the LGBTQ+ community in the workplace.
hidden dangers payouts
12 Jun 2023

The hidden dangers of a poor payouts process

A manual, error-prone payouts process can lead to high operational costs and even increased churn.
8 industries that would benefit from instant payouts
25 May 2023

8 industries that need instant payouts

Whether it’s paying out to players in iGaming or withdrawing funds from trading apps, better payouts will increase customer retention.
card fees alternative header
23 May 2023

Card fees: is there an alternative where everyone wins?

High card fees are a headache for everyone. Is there a solution that works for retailers, banks and consumers?
Ognjen Vlacina
23 May 2023

Payments people: Ognjen Vlačina

IKEA’s Ognjen Vlačina tells us how to balance speed and innovation in a large operational company.
17 May 2023

Topps Tiles x TrueLayer: launching instant bank payments

Instant bank payments will enable seamless, secure and fast payments both online and across its 300 stores.
Payments People Mark Gerban
11 Apr 2023

Payments people: Mark Gerban

Payments and strategy lead Mark Gerban discusses his time at Apple and his predictions on the future of navcommerce.
TrueLayer's new brand: introducing the “never before”
4 Apr 2023

TrueLayer's new brand: introducing the “never before”

New visuals, new story, new emotions. Say hello to the new TrueLayer brand.
money moving upwards
24 Mar 2023

What is authorised push payment (APP) fraud?

APP fraud costs the UK economy over £580 million a year. What is it, and how can banks prevent it?
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Open Banking
7 Mar 2023

Could open banking have a ‘de-risking’ moment?

New action by regulators and banks to tackle APP fraud could have unintended consequences for open banking in the UK.