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Compliance & reg
3 Feb 2023

How are your funds protected at TrueLayer? A guide to safeguarding

As a customer of TrueLayer, any funds you hold with us are legally protected.
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Open Banking
31 Jan 2023

5 steps to a high-converting signup with the help of open banking

New research from YouGov reveals what customers want from a signup process in 2023 – we examine how open banking can help.
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31 Jan 2023

The fastest way to onboard customers: introducing Signup+

Streamline onboarding with a single payment.
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27 Jan 2023

24 hours to build a moat: inside TrueLayer’s annual hackathon

TrueLayeristas share their hacks and highlights from this year's hackathon.
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27 Jan 2023

What is an open banking API?

APIs are core to open banking technology. Learn exactly what open banking APIs are and how they work.
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24 Jan 2023

2023 is the year of travel, but are booking experiences up to scratch?

New 2023 research, in collaboration with YouGov, shows potential holidaymakers are worried about poor and slow refund experiences.
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20 Jan 2023

What is friendly fraud and how do you reduce it?

Friendly fraud is not as friendly as it sounds. We bring you the essential guide to friendly fraud, explain what it is, how it happens, and how to prevent it.
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Compliance & reg
13 Jan 2023

Europe can’t do open banking without the banks

Banks have a key role in open banking. They should use it to compete with Big Tech, keep their customers happy and attract new ones.
Profile picture of Alana Parsons from Caxton
12 Jan 2023

Payments people: Caxton’s Alana Parsons

How Caxton’s Chief Operating Officer built a two-decade career in an ever-evolving payments industry.
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16 Dec 2022

Everything you need to know about interchange fees

What are interchange fees and why are they a necessary part of overall credit and debit card fees?
Recurring payment calendar
Recurring payments
8 Dec 2022

3 lessons for VRP in 2023

It’s been a big year for the development of variable recurring payments. Product leaders from Chip, Curve and iwoca tell us why and explain what's to come.
Money moving around a globe
5 Dec 2022

The 5 biggest payment challenges facing the travel industry in 2023

From better refund experiences to costly failed payments, we look ahead to the biggest payment challenges travel brands need to tackle in the coming year.