Why we entered the Finnies diversity award

TrueLayer fosters diversity with world-leading ideas and practices.

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Diversity is more than just an International Women's Day or a Lunar New Year post on LinkedIn. We believe it's measured in the fundamentals of how we work, from offering fair parental leave – for our new mums and dads – to eliminating gender-biased language in job advertisements, and hiring people with a diverse range of backgrounds, ages and experiences. We are truly proud of what we've achieved so far, with a 50/50 gender split in our Australia and New Zealand business, a culturally diverse leadership team, and partnerships with industry bodies like SheCanCode. This is why we entered FinTech Australia’s 2022 Finnie Awards in the Best Workplace Diversity category for 2022, to celebrate our culture and continue to practice what we preach about our values of transparency, inclusivity, thinking big, and empowering our people.

How we walk the walk on diversity

Our ANZ CEO, Brenton Charnley, is a huge advocate and supporter of diversity because he knows it brings better business outcomes. Across the team, half of our team speak a language other than English and half come from a different cultural background. That means we celebrate those different cultural holidays – such as Lunar New Year or International Women’s Day – but also acknowledge the personal impact on our colleagues of devastating events, such as the Russia-Ukraine war or floods in NSW and Queensland.

From left: Ro, Helen, Rose, Bree and Hedie

Our people manager training and Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are standout examples of how we deliberately set out to create a supportive environment.Every new people manager is enrolled into a people manager training programme, a global initiative which emphasises the importance of diversity.And the ERGs create an open forum for employees who share a common identity to meet and support one another in building their community and sense of belonging. It empowers these groups by offering them financial support, organisational support and access to decision makers. The program has created a clear line of communication to leadership, allowing ERGs to voice concerns and solve problems. It's a critical resource for leadership to sound out employee and community issues, needs and policies.

Top from left: Rob, Brenton, Claire, Dan, Ben, Kevin, Hedie, Sharath. Bottom from left: Mathukumar, Jodi, Bree, Ro, Tilen

Creating a truly flexible working environment

Flexibility is one of the bywords we live by. It has allowed us to create the kind of workplace that people, following the trauma of the COVID-19 pandemic, want to work in by measuring output and contribution over hours worked. We believe flexibility is the linchpin of inclusivity, allowing women to return to the workplace after having children, dads to spend time with newborns, and talented people who don't live in a major city to work for a global company.Our annual leave policy and 12 annual wellbeing days is globally leading, and we regularly receive anecdotal feedback that this has been a significant pull factor for women who also have childcare responsibilities.We also offer a competitive parental leave and return to work benefit, such as giving primary caregivers the option to work four day weeks for five days pay in their first months back with us. Achieving our goals around diversity has required serious thought and commitment. We've had to rethink what kinds of processes we can use to put the great ideas from our Future of Work Policy into action, which include simple additions such as using Slack and Guru for communication. By creating systems that support diversity and our people where they are in the stage of their life, we've been able to build these ideas into the way we work every day.Find out more about what it's like to work at TrueLayer
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