Ongoing support

How will your provider maintain and improve your open banking experience?

While a quick and straightforward integration process should be a key factor in your choice of payment provider, the relationship doesn’t end once the integration is complete.

It’s just as important for your business to easily operate and understand any new payment experience, as well as getting useful analysis, so you can further improve and optimise. You should also be able to give feedback to your provider for potential improvements.

Combining easy integration, an ongoing relation and a strong feedback loop will create a high-performing payment experience.

But things do inevitably go wrong from time to time. Your provider should also have dedicated reactive and proactive support to help solve any issues, averting any potential crises.

Customer success management

A customer success manager (CSM) will often be your business’ main point of contact as you take live your new payment experience. They will also help you identify and explore new benefits and new opportunities to drive incremental value for your business.

A CSM is a key part of what strengthens a relationship with a provider, advocating for your business’ needs internally and helping you build a roadmap for long-term success with your open banking payment solution.

Having a CSM assigned to your account will likely depend on the volume of payments your business processes, so carefully consider how important this service is to your business.

Ask your provider

Will I work with a customer success manager, and how will they support my business?

Client care

Client Operations (also known as Client Care or Customer Support) will be your first point of contact when things go wrong. They can fix some problems quickly to avoid major issues, or triage the problem to the right team. When assessing your potential provider, consider the following points:

  • Technical support: are there dedicated support engineers for technical problems?

  • Available languages: can your provider help your team members across the globe regardless of the language they speak?

  • Opening hours: In case of an emergency, when is support available? And how can you contact support outside of typical Monday-to-Friday working hours?

  • Response times: how quickly will support respond to and resolve any issue? Is their support model ‘tiered’, meaning critical and wide-reaching issues are prioritised?

  • Levels of support: does your provider offer different support packages at different price points? Can you ‘run out’ of support?

Ask your provider

What hours and in what languages is your customer support available? And how quickly do you respond to and resolve critical issues?

Information helpdesk

Having the option to speak to customer support provides peace of mind. But it’s also inefficient to call or email support for information for every minor question. A regularly updated helpdesk, which contains answers to commonly asked questions, is useful for any team members involved in the day-to-day operation of your payment experience.

Ask your provider

Do you have a self-serve helpdesk for common questions?

API reference documentation

Often shortened to ‘docs’, API reference documentation is the technical library with everything your development team will need to know about your provider’s API. While having integration support is key, it’s equally important to have a well-organised set of content so your developers can self-serve and move as quickly as possible.

Ask your provider

Where can I find your API reference documentation?

"It couldn’t have been easier. TrueLayer’s customer service is amazing. Any questions were answered practically immediately, and our developers were able to integrate quickly and seamlessly."


Irakli Agladze,

Head of Open Banking

How does TrueLayer compare?

TrueLayer has dedicated Integration Sales, Customer Success and Client Operations teams to launch, operate and optimise your new payment experience — and to help if things go wrong. Help is available 8am–8pm GMT, with support available in six languages.

We also have clear processes for issues depending on what proportion of users they affect. For example, we aim to respond to critical incidents within 30 minutes and provide a resolution within four hours of being contacted by the customer.

The TrueLayer helpdesk can be found here. Our API reference documentation can be found here.