Open banking and fintech

Which fintech apps use open banking?

TrueLayer has been working with fintech companies since the roll out of open banking. Below are a few examples of TrueLayer’s fintech partners.

Digital banks and consumer money management apps

Revolut uses our Data API to enable customers to connect their external bank accounts to Revolut in a few clicks, and our Payments API so that customers can top up and access funds instantly.

Olivia uses our Data API for account aggregation, applying artificial intelligence to analyse spending patterns, predict purchases, and recommend to its customers the best ways to save.

Plum uses TrueLayer’s Data API to allow users to access all their bank accounts within the app and our Payments API to allow faster payments.

Numbrs uses our Data API to enable its users to consolidate all their external bank accounts in one place and our Payments API so users can make payments without leaving the app.

CreditLadder uses TrueLayer to verify account ownership, onboarding customers in seconds.

SME finances, lending and accounting

ANNA Money uses our Data API to give their customers the ability to connect their external bank accounts to the ANNA app, and our Payments API to enable customers to quickly and securely receive money directly into their bank account using QR codes.

Coconut uses TrueLayer’s Data API so that their small business customers can manage their money, finances and taxes effortlessly, even if they have accounts with other banks.

Ember uses our Data API to power its real-time tax feed and our Payments API to enable contractors and SMEs to pay suppliers and employees instantly and securely.

Capital on Tap uses our Data API to make it easier for businesses to access the financing they need.

The Cashroom exists to provide compliant, efficient, cost effective outsourced finance functions to law firms throughout the UK. Using our Payments API, its cashiers and customers can now initiate payments through secure and instant bank transfer.

Wealth management, trading & investment apps

Stake uses our Payments API, so its customers benefit from quicker, highly secure bank transfers, allowing them to make faster decisions which are critical for successful investors.

Freetrade uses our Payments API and Data API to connect their primary bank account to the app, and make instant and secure deposits.

Trading 212 uses our Payments API and Data API to verify Trading 212 customers, allowing them to connect their bank accounts to the trading platform and fund their account instantly.

Nutmeg uses our Payments API to create a slicker, faster account top up process, giving customers a better experience and the ability to get their money to market faster.

BitcoinPoint is looking to democratise the access to bitcoin by allowing non-tech-savvy users to buy in few clicks. Using our Payments API, its customers can buy bitcoin online through instant bank transfer, removing the need to enter card details.

More examples of open banking in action

This is a sample of the companies using open banking via TrueLayer’s APIs to offer apps and services to consumers and businesses.

From personal finance management to account funding, one-off payments to loan assessment, and automated accounting to rent affordability, TrueLayer enables innovators in every industry to build better financial experiences.

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