Payments experience playbook: what matters to your customers

Is your payment journey living up to expectations?

Payments: they’re among the most important — and the riskiest — steps in your customer journey. Fail to live up to consumers' expectations and you’re bound to lose business. So what exactly do customers want when they make a payment?

Our Payments experience playbook has the answers. Featuring research from more than 4,000 customers, it offers key insights into their essential expectations. Get your copy of the report to learn why:

  • 87% of consumers express frustration with payments

  • 56% of merchants are dealing with a drop in conversion due to strong customer authentication (SCA)

  • Half of all consumers will avoid payments that require manual data entry

  • 64% of consumers say security is the most important factor in making a purchase

Real insights from real customers

Access results from thousands of consumers in 10 countries

What really matters in payments

Find out about the four key factors customers demand when making a payment

Balancing security and convenience

See how to reduce friction and prevent drop-off during authentication

Advice from industry experts

Learn from payments managers in ecommerce, financial services and iGaming

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