Research insights: how to build a better signup experience

Building your signup experience is high stakes. According to new research from YouGov and TrueLayer, 4 in 10 people in the UK start creating an online account, but don’t complete it. That’s 40% of your marketing spend gone before you’ve seen any revenue.

But if you can get a visitor through signup and on to make their first deposit, more than half are likely to go on to use your platform.

Download this report to access new research findings from 1,274 customers of iGaming and financial services platforms in the UK, including:

  • The top triggers causing vistors to abandon signup

  • Insights into what customers expect when they create an account, verify their identity or make a deposit online

  • Five ways to optimise your signup journey using research benchmarks

  • Tips for how technology like open banking can help you streamline your signup experience

Survey data

Access  survey data from 3000 investors  covering onboarding, deposits & withdrawals

The cost of slow payouts

Find out why  not  offering instant withdrawals could be  costing you 50%  of your investors

Insider insights

Hear views from experts including Freetrade, Nutmeg and Trading 212

New payments opportunities

Learn how  new technology  based on  open banking  can power up your payments offer