3 days to 3 clicks — open banking verification

2021-07-22 14:00

Old account verification methods like bank statements, micro-deposits and manual inputs are no longer fit for purpose.

Their security is questionable, they’re prone to errors and they take forever

Open banking has created a faster, more secure way to onboard users, but it only gives you access to the raw data.

For the first time, we’re bringing together the power of open banking with machine learning to deliver an instant verification solution that verifies +90% of good actors in just 3 clicks, reduces fraud and means you don't need to build or maintain your own verification logic.

In this webinar

Open banking verification

How open banking stacks up against other account verification options such as bank statements, micro-deposits or credit bureaus.

Industry comparisons

How other open banking providers are solving the problem vs TrueLayer’s approach

Product demo

The ideal open banking verification flow

A look ahead

The future of Identity verification – unlocking new data sets in partnerships with banks.

Featuring an expert panel
Andre Reina
Product lead
Paiak Vaid
Partnerships lead
Jarek Sygitowic