How to harness instant bank payments in Europe

2022-05-26 13:00

Online payments are slow, expensive and prone to fraud and friction. But open banking is powering payments innovation. It has brought instant bank payments to any app or website and savvy businesses are taking advantage. 

But open banking infrastructure is not homogenous across Europe and the experience for consumers can vary. How can you best take advantage of this new payment method to create instant payment experiences for your customers and where should you start?

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • How to get started with instant bank payments powered by open banking

  • Benefits: how open banking helps you cut costs, fight fraud and move money fast

  • Case studies and lessons learned from payments leaders at Entain and HeyTrade

  • Differences in European open banking infrastructure: where to roll out

  • How to enable instant refunds and withdrawals with TrueLayer¬†

Featuring an expert panel
Gabriele Griesbacher
Director payments & compliance
Low Li Zhen, Brokerage Product Manager at HeyTrade
Low Li Zhen
Brokerage product manager
Profile photo
Till Wirth
Head of product
Author image
Olga Zapata
Product marketing lead