Partnering with Revolut to give people greater control over their finances

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Francesco Simoneschi, CEO & CO-Founder
11 Feb 2020

Enabling best-in-class fintech applications to leverage the power of open banking has been a priority for us since we founded TrueLayer in 2016. We are delighted to share that Revolut has chosen us as their open banking platform, giving them secure, reliable access to financial data in real-time. As a result, customers can now connect all of their external bank accounts to Revolut and manage everything from one place. This will provide greater visibility and control over spending and budgeting.

Putting customers in control of their data

Currently, bank account details like account information, balances, and transactions sit solely with a customer or business’ individual bank. Consequently, customers have reduced visibility into their financial health, as the only way to see the full picture is through accessing multiple bank websites and apps. This is a fragmented, broken process that leads to unfair fees, expensive overdrafts, and mismatched financial products.

From now, all UK Revolut customers will be able to see everything in one place, track spending, and set budgeting controls for their Revolut and external bank accounts.

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A unified gateway to balances and transactions

When deciding which provider to work with on its Open Banking launch, Revolut chose to work with TrueLayer due to our scalability and superior developer experience.

“The entire process to get up and running and start experimenting with TrueLayer was quick and painless. We found their API was robust and developer-friendly, and we’re already realising the benefits.”

“Delivering a seamless experience to our UK retail and business customers is hugely important for us to convert customers to Open Banking so they can begin to get instant value from the wide variety of new features we are building. Any initiative that enables more people and businesses to embrace Open Banking is good for everyone involved. When our customers say it’s easy to connect their external accounts using the TrueLayer integration, that’s a huge tick for us”

Revolut has a huge, rapidly growing customer base that will now benefit from gaining a 360 view of their financial health. This is exciting because, for years, people haven’t been getting enough value from traditional banks — paying more than they should on interest, and are not benefiting from a unified view of their finances. We’re thrilled to be working with challenger banks like Revolut who are changing the status quo and using our technology to help deliver more value and better experiences to customers.

Increasing consumer trust in open banking

This partnership sends an exciting message: consumer trust in open bnking is growing.

By exposing Revolut’s 10 million customers to open banking, it is likely adoption of the technology will increase significantly in 2020. Recent research shows that open banking could realise as much as £18bn worth of value for people and small businesses in the UK over the course of a year.

At TrueLayer, this means we have even more confidence in our mission to grow the open banking economy and accelerate our expansion into new use cases like payments and lending. You can expect to see news about our progress in the coming months. If you’re interested in hearing how open banking can help grow your business, you can contact our team here to learn more. We’re also hiring!