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Gerisha Nadaraju, Product Ops lead
9 Jul 2018
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Naomi enjoys all things climbing, yoga, hiking and gin related. She recently became a homeowner 🏠 (#adulting) and regularly attends weddings across the UK! We are all in awe of her “Mary Poppins” ability to fit an endless amount of clothing into a tiny backpack (as witnessed on our Sicily retreat!)

Tell us what you do.

At TrueLayer, we are determined to provide the best support possible to our clients so that they can build awesome applications that reach millions of people.

As a Technical Support Engineer, my job is to liaise with our clients and help them with any technical questions they might have during the initial testing and integrating phase through to going live with their applications. Our clients are typically businesses like lending companies, personal finance managers or credit rating agencies, that have their own software applications. I manage all our client communication channels (Slack, Zendesk and email) and provide client feedback to engineers so that work can be prioritised internally.

I love being in a role that balances technical work with human interaction! ⚖️

What are you most excited to work on at TrueLayer over the next few months?

There is so much going on in Support at the moment! Here’s what I’m excited about:

  • Scaling the Support team to provide dedicated support to our growing client base.

  • Improving our documentation and FAQs so that we provide top-rate offline support.

  • Discovering how clients interact with and use our new Payments API product.

We are always looking to improve Support for our clients so please do provide feedback via Zendesk on what we can do better!

If you weren’t at TrueLayer what would you be doing?

I studied Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering at university with the express interest in becoming an astronaut.

I grew up on Star Trek, and Starfleet sounded like the best job in the world (plus the uniforms in the Original series were mega 🖖), but Starfleet was nowhere in sight when I graduated and the fast-paced world of tech called to me. Working in FinTech is a little bit like being an astronaut in the sense that working in open banking at the moment is new and exciting. It’s never been done before and it’s a great time to work in the industry and help be the ones defining what the future of Financial Services looks like. I do still live in hope for Starfleet, although ironically, I’ve ended up working in a co-working space called…RocketSpace! 🚀


What is something unexpected you recently learned at TrueLayer?

Well, not so much unexpected, but something that I am very proud of TrueLayer for is that 47% of our team are female! This is both surprising and refreshing for a Fintech startup as I recently read that women make up only 29% of staff in the Fintech sector in the UK.

The environment at TrueLayer is really diverse and inclusive, and I think having an almost equal balance of men and women in a work team is great! We embrace and respect the thoughts and opinions of everyone, even if they differ from our own. The women I work with are super talented and all work in a variety of roles from engineering to product, to business operations and more.

What keeps you motivated and inspired?

Surrounding myself with amazing people keeps me motivated and inspired!

I love hearing about all the exciting things that people are doing both in and out of work such as “Great British Bake Off” style baking, playing Fortnite on Twitch or learning to fly planes! ✈️

This really inspires me to go out and try different things or get involved with new work tasks.

What would you like to share with those interested in joining TrueLayer?

Get ready to work hard and love it! We all believe in and are excited about the products we’re building here. We have fun working together and take time to catch up and spend non-work time together, whether at a Friday team lunch, board game night or a celebratory drink at the pub 🥂

If you’ve read this far and it still sounds like fun, have a look at our jobs page. We’re always looking for passionate people to join our team and help power the new era of financial innovation!

What's your life motto?

Well, there’s some dispute as to whether this old saying is true or not but I still like living by it 😄

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