TrueLayer's new brand: introducing the “never before”

Mirta Rotondo, VP of Brand and Design
4 Apr 2023
TrueLayer's new brand: introducing the “never before”

The business landscape is buzzing with companies unveiling their rebrands. And in fintech, where trust and reliability are paramount, creating an emotional connection through a strong brand can be a game-changer.

Today, it’s our turn to introduce our new brand. 🎉

Why rebrand?

The reason is simple: we wanted our design language to be more modern, but also more scalable to help us execute at speed. But more importantly, we needed to better tell the world what we’re about.

We’ve become a lot bigger, and a lot bolder about our mission to change the way the world pays. Where we once connected business to banks, we now connect banks, businesses and everybody — creating a payments network built for growth.

It started with a question: “what does the future look like?”

When it came to developing our new brand identity, we started at the end. We said if we’re going to change the way the world pays, what does everything look like on the other side of that? So we began searching for inspiration in far-flung futures.

On our journey we navigated a deluge of dystopian sci-fi. Sprawling concrete megacities. Endless sandstorms, smog, pollution. Societies where megacorps build technology that creates disconnections and overlooks the importance of nature.

These visions didn’t align with our ethos.

We like to think of a world built on harmony, not supremacy. Where man, machine and mother nature coexist, and technology is seamlessly interwoven into the fabric of society.

The open world we imagined was filled with magical realism. A sort of waking fantasy. A place where everything ebbs and flows, feels easy and safe. A place where everything is better connected. Bountiful, blossoming. So we wanted to bring that idea into our brand.

Making the intangible, tangible.

We build software that enables better payment experiences: a concoction of bank connections, API endpoints and user interfaces. Our products are intangible objects, but we wanted to bring that intangibility to life. To do this, we’ve created a series of nature-inspired textures that evoke tactile experiences and give our brand an environment to exist in.

  • Watery liquid - Flow

  • Blossoming greenery - Growth

  • Layered marble - Infrastructure

  • Sandy particles - Network

We’ve also swapped our beloved building blocks for Bauhaus shapes to create a visual style that reflects openness and connections. These shapes represent a connection in our network — between a bank, a business, and an end user. They are like portals: a new way for data to be exchanged, for money to move.

As visual devices, we like to think of these as doors to never before. A glimpse of what’s next, and a path to what we make possible.

It takes a village

Instead of relying almost entirely on external branding agencies as most do, I believed in the talents of our in-house brand team to lead the charge. With support from the whole XD team to contribute heavily at every single stage, and the rest of the company to support where needed, we managed to get to the finishing line with an outcome we're incredibly proud of.

I cannot thank enough every single person in the team for their unwavering hard work, dedication, and collaboration. It was a long journey. One to remember. With a lot of ups and downs. And aptly, lots of emotions.

TrueLayer's new brand: the team

The end? No, just the beginning

This rebrand marks the start of an exciting new chapter for TrueLayer.

We're beyond excited to continue innovating and delivering value to our network. With this rebrand we are sending the message that payments exist in emotional spaces, reinforcing the importance of trust and human connection in the fintech industry.

TrueLayer's new brand: introducing the “never before”
New visuals, new story, new emotions. Say hello to the new TrueLayer brand.
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