Open banking payments: a buyer's guide

Buyers guide

Find your perfect payments match

If you’re reading this, you’re at a critical stage in your journey to add open banking payments to your website or app.

As a payments product buyer, you likely know the problems with traditional online payment methods like card payments and manual bank transfers (high costs, high failure rates and poor user experiences to name a few).

But how do you choose the provider that can build the right open banking payment experience for your business?

The ever-evolving open banking landscape is an opportunity and a challenge. Finding a trusted partner is key to making the most of this technology.

This guide is designed to help you with that. It’ll walk you through each aspect you need to consider when choosing an open banking payments provider. From understanding the nuances of global coverage to knowing exactly how to integrate open banking payments.

7 elements of buying open banking

Everything you need to know, from coverage and payer experience to features and integration options.

Questions to ask your provider

24 questions to ask any potential open banking provider, and the answers you should be looking for.

Insights on payer experience

Understand the key factors behind a high-converting payment method your customers will love.

The RFP checklist

Get your checklist for finding a provider that can build the payment experience for your exact needs.

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