On-demand event: Safer, sustainable gambling – how can open banking help?

This webinar was hosted on 8 Jun 2021, and the recording is now available on-demand.

With an influx of players gambling online since the start of the pandemic and regulators in the UK and Europe calling for tougher rules to protect those at risk, savvy operators are looking at how technology can support their sustainable gambling strategies. Open banking enables operators to identify and manage at-risk players earlier, automate affordability and accelerate AML/KYC processes.

In this webinar:

  • The value of real-time data

    How real-time bank data can power player insights
  • Optimising affordability

    Why open banking delivers faster, more accurate affordability checks
  • Open banking payments

    How open banking enables instant, verified payments for iGaming
  • Industry insight

    What iGaming leaders think about open banking
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