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A guide to interviewing at TrueLayer

Everything you need to know about our hiring process.

TrueLayer is going through a period of rapid growth. As we continue to expand our business globally, we are looking for talented people to join us on our journey.We believe our interviewing process should be enjoyable, fair, and transparent for everyone. Our Talent Team have worked hard to design a process that ensures we evaluate every application fairly and consistently. It reduces bias and enables us to keep the talent bar high.In this post, we’ll cover what to expect when you apply for a role at TrueLayer, and outline what qualities we look for in future TrueLayeristas.Our hiring process typically consists of four steps:
  1. A call with one of our Talent Partners
  2. A take-home challenge
  3. A call with the hiring lead
  4. An onsite interview
*Please note that for some roles, the process may be longer or shorter — this depends on team and seniority.

📩 First things first: Applying to TrueLayer

Every day, we receive a large number of applications for the various roles we have open. You may have found us on our website, or maybe on LinkedIn. When applying, we ask candidates to submit their CV and answer a few questions. These questions are a chance for you to describe yourself in a new light, and differentiate yourself.Despite common belief, there is no keyword match auto-screening of applicants. Our Talent team reviews every single application. We then select people who best meet the criteria for our role, and schedule the first call.*Maybe you didn’t find us! Maybe we found you. Regardless, the process is the same for everyone 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Step 1. The call with a Talent Partner

Approximately 30 minutesIn this call, the Talent Partner will provide an overview of what TrueLayer does, who we are, and what we’re hoping to achieve. They will also ask for your professional experience, what you are looking for in your next role, and what values you hold at work. You can also expect to get a detailed description of the role; this is a great chance to make sure the role is aligned with your skillset, and what you’re looking for as the next step in your career.💡 Tips:In order to make the most of the call, we recommend you familiarise yourself with open banking, the TrueLayer website, and our company values. We don’t expect you to be an Open Banking guru (unless the role is for an open banking guru!) but we expect candidates to make an effort. Do some research, and try to build a basic understanding of what we do.⏩ What happens next:After the call, the Talent Partner will discuss your application with a senior member of the team to decide whether or not to progress you to the next step; the take-home challenge. If unsuccessful, the Talent Partner will let you know via email. Unfortunately, due to the large volume of applicants, we can’t provide detailed feedback at this stage.

Step 2. The take-home challenge

Approximately 3 hours
The take-home challenge is equivalent to a first stage interview. We use this step to assess your competency for the role and approach to problem-solving. Each challenge is bespoke to the role, and if you have the required experience as outlined in the job description, it should be relatively easy for you to do.💡 Tips:We understand that completing a challenge takes time and effort on your end, which is why we don’t set strict deadlines. Keep in mind that the sooner you return the challenge, the sooner we can move forward!⏩ What happens next:Your challenge will be reviewed by at least two members of the team. We always require multiple people to assess challenges as this reduces bias. If the feedback is positive, the Talent Partner will email you to arrange a call with the Hiring Lead. If you’re unsuccessful, the Talent Partner will let you know via email, providing as much detailed and constructive feedback as possible.

Step 3. A call with the Hiring Lead

Approximately 30–40 minutesThis call is typically with the ‘Head of’ or ‘Team Lead’ from the team you’re interviewing for; normally it is the person the candidate would be reporting to. During the call, the Hiring Lead will discuss the role with you, and ask about your experience, ambitions, and expectations for the role. They may also have some questions about your challenge. This is a chance for you to have a frank discussion about TrueLayer, and what you’re looking for in your next role so that you can assess if this is the right fit for you, and we can gauge if you’re the right fit for us.💡 Tips:Interviewing is a two-way street. Be prepared to ask lots of questions to assess the company, role, and team just as much as we’re assessing you.⏩ What happens next:If the feedback is positive, the Talent Partner will email you to arrange an ‘onsite interview’ — these can also be done over a video call if necessary. If you’re unsuccessful, the Talent Partner will let you know via email, providing as much detailed and constructive feedback as possible.

Step 4. The onsite interview

Usually 2.5 — 3 hours
Congratulations on making it to the last stage of the process! 🎉If possible, this stage will happen at the TrueLayer office in London. If you’ve been interviewing from abroad so far, we will reimburse your fare and any other arrangements needed while you’re in the UK.The onsite interview is usually broken into three stages:A. The culture interviewYou’ll meet two members from completely different teams who will ask you behavioural questions, covering topics like working style, work ethic, motivations at work, and how you give and receive feedback. We want to know if you share some of our core principles and if you can bring something additive to our culture.B. The team and competency interviewIn this stage, you’ll meet with two members of the immediate team you’re interviewing for. They will want to understand how you fit within the team dynamic, and how collaborative you are. They will also ask competency and technical questions to gauge your level of expertise, and what you can bring to the table.C. Career and growth interviewThis part of the interview will be with a ‘Head of’ or another senior team member who the role reports into. Your interviewer will dig deeper into your experience, discuss what you can bring to the team and the company, and your long term aspirations.*We hire for a variety of different roles and depending on the team and seniority of the position, your onsite may have additional stages.**Due to COVID-19 we are currently conducting all onsite interviews using video conferencing.💡 Tips:
  • We’ll say it again: you are interviewing us just as much as we’re interviewing you. This is your chance to assess the culture and the team you’ll be joining. Ask questions!
  • Our dress code is casual, but if you’re coming from work and happen to be in a suit, don’t worry, you won’t lose points for looking sharp.
  • Three hours is a long time. If you need a time-out, cold drink, coffee, or bathroom break, let us know. The Talent Partner will be on hand if you have any questions.
⏩ What happens next:The Talent Partner will have a chat with you afterwards to see how things went and make sure you have all of the information you need.

What happens after I leave the office following the onsite interview?

The entire interviewing panel gets together to discuss your interview. Everyone will share their experience and opinion to provide the Hiring Lead with as much information and context as possible. The Hiring Lead will then decide whether to extend an offer or not.If successful, you’ll hear from us very soon! 🎉If unsuccessful, the Talent Partner will call you to let you know and provide detailed feedback about the decision.
Interviewing can be a stressful, time consuming and complex experience. At TrueLayer we don't want it to be like that. We want to build a company with inherently decent, kind, collaborative, and communicative individuals. So we hope this Guide gives you a clear picture therefore of why we spend so much time and care in hiring and interviewing.


How long does the process take?It varies depending on the role, but we usually hire with urgency. The entire process, from application to offer, usually takes 27 days.Why a take-home challenge?We try to make the process as efficient as possible for everyone. We use the challenge in place of a first stage interview to save time on both sides. It shouldn’t take much more than a couple of hours to complete a challenge. The challenge will always be relevant to the role you’re applying for and should feel easy to talk about in detail.Why is there such a long onsite interview?We prefer one long interview to multiple short ones. We also like to give candidates the opportunity to thoroughly assess the culture, team, and company.How can I provide feedback on the interview process?If you’ve been through our interview process, we’d love to hear how it went. You can email your Talent Partner or the Hiring Lead with feedback, or you could leave us some on Glassdoor or LinkedIn.
Interested in working with us? Visit our careers page to see our current open roles and LinkedIn page for company news and updates.

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