Variable recurring payments are ushering in the future of payments

The way customers pay, save and invest is changing

Variable recurring payments (VRPs) powered by open banking, are similar to direct debit and card on file — only much faster, more cost-effective and secure. The way it should be.VRPs let you take:
  • Fixed and variable payments like streaming subscriptions and bills
  • One-off payments such as topping up accounts
  • One-click style checkouts like paying for on-demand food delivery or ride-hailing services
All without needing permission for every payment.Learn more about VRPs.Earlier this year, we launched the first-of-its-kind API that enables VRPs. Be one of the first to try it, sign up below for early access and let your customers pay bills and top up accounts in seconds.

Benefit from:

  • Real-time settlement

    Funds settle into your account in seconds, unlike cards and direct debits which can take up to five days.
  • Cut costs

    Avoid card interchange fees and high operational costs associated with direct debit. 
  • Fight fraud

    Payments are authenticated directly with the bank using strong customer authentication, reducing fraud and unauthorised transactions.
  • Reduced customer churn

    Cards expire. Bank accounts don’t. With VRPs you can keep collecting payments until the customer revokes payment consent.
  • Improve conversion

    Customers authorise payments just once using fingerprint or facial recognition.
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    Be one of the first to try VRPs

    You’re a few details away from experiencing the future of payments.