Instant bank transfers for variable recurring payments are live

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Variable recurring payments (VRP) are a simple, flexible and secure way to accept payments on both ad-hoc and regular basis. They allow you to ‘sweep’ payments, transferring money between two accounts owned by the same customer, and can also enable non-sweeping applications like subscription payments, rent instalments, and more.Get early access and enable frictionless payments experiences for your customers.

Benefit from:

  • Real-time settlement

    Unlike direct debit and card-on-file payments, VRP allows merchants to access their funds instantly.
  • Lower transaction costs

    VRP lacks both the high fees of card payments and the operational costs of direct debit.
  • Elimination of card fraud

    Since VRP uses open banking, it doesn’t store customer credentials and has SCA integrated in its flows.
  • Reduced customer churn

    No re-authentication or re-authorisation. Payment consent is tied to a bank account and doesn’t expire until it’s revoked.
  • Reduced chargebacks

    Unlike card on file payments, VRP is not vulnerable to typical card disputes that result in a chargeback.
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