Account Verification

Confirm identity and account ownership using bank data

Automatically onboard new users and accelerate your KYC process.

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Account Verification

Deliver a seamless user experience from the start

Onboard and activate new users while they are most engaged.

  • account-holder information
  • balances
  • transactions


Increase conversion

Make onboarding fast and effortless. Never ask for paper documents again.

Boost efficiency

Automate processes with reliable, real-time access to bank verified data.

Never store credentials

Our API platform eliminates screen scraping, reducing the risk of a data breach.

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Account Verification

How it works

A fast, secure way to verify identity and account ownership.

  • 1Get consent

    The user gives their consent for you to access their banking data, and selects which bank they want to use to verify their identity.

  • 2Users authenticate with their bank

    The user is automatically redirected to their bank to authenticate the account and automatically sent back to your app.

  • 3TrueLayer fetches account information in real-time

    TrueLayer fetches the account holder data in real-time.

Account Verification User Journey
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