Account Top Up

Enable users to fund accounts without leaving your app

Funds settle instantly, backed by bank-level security. No cards, no interchange fees.

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Account Top Up

The easiest way to add money to an account

Keep users engaged with a secure, streamlined payments process.

  • instant pay-in
  • recurring payments
  • low fraud risk
  • reduce chargebacks
  • easy reconciliation
  • biometric authentication


Increase conversion

Make payments effortless. Users can pay quickly with their fingerprint or face ID.

Lower costs

Eliminate expensive card fees and pay a low fixed-cost per transaction.

Lightning Speed

Money is transferred directly between accounts enabling instant access to funds.

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Account Top up

How it works

An improved payments experience beginning and ending in your application.

  • 1The user decides to make a payment

    They confirm the amount and the bank they want to use. The user is automatically redirected to the bank to confirm the payment.

  • 2TrueLayer facilitates the payment

    Once the payment is confirmed, money is instantly added to the account, and the user gets a receipt.

  • 3Instant access to funds

    TrueLayer redirects the user back to your app so their experience isn’t fragmented. Funds appear in their account straight away.

Account Top Up User Journey
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