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  • How can I get access to the API?

    Please follow the steps here and contact us if you need help.

  • How do I make my first API call?


  • What is the console?

    The console is the central hub to manage your TrueLayer experience. You can configure the API, access credentials and customize the experience with your brand.

  • Can I test your application without bank credentials?

    Don’t have access to a bank account you can test with? We have you covered. Use our Mock Bank with our test credentials to access realistic account data.

  • Can TrueLayer help me build my application?

    We provide dedicated Slack support so you have a direct line of communication with us, and we can help you integrate TrueLayer with our application. TrueLayer is a product primarily for developers.

Data API

  • Do you offer categorisation/merchant identification, or other data enrichment?

    Yes, we return a set transaction categories used to identify the type of a transaction consistently across providers. We are working on releasing more merchant identification.

  • How long can we go back with transaction history?

    Depending on the bank, we return more than 1 year and up to 6 years of history.

  • Do you provide a testing environment (Sandbox Mode)?

    We don’t provide a public-facing Sandbox environment at the moment. However, you can watch TrueLayer in action with our Demo application. A fictitious PiggyBank application brings TrueLayer to life by connecting your bank account or credit card, getting permissions and accessing account data.

  • How many times a day do you update the user’s transaction history?

    We extract data on-demand and in real-time. You control the update schedule of the data.

  • How long does it take for the access token we receive for the user’s bank account to expire?

    An access_token expires in 1 hour. You can use the refresh_token, a long lived code used to obtain a new access_token.

  • Can you white-label our implementation?

    We consider white-labelling on a case-by-case basis. Reach out to us at sales@truelayer.com.

Payments API

  • When are we releasing payments?

    We aim to release a Payment Initiation API during the first half of 2018. Get in touch if you want to stay updated.


  • What is our UK coverage?

    We work with 16 financial institutions in the UK, covering 90% of the banked population in the UK. We aim to reach 98% of the banked population in the UK by the end of 2017 and expand in other EU and non-EU geographies during 2018 and 2019.

  • Which banks do you support?

    Lloyds, Halifax, Natwest, Barclays, BarclayCard, HSBC, Santander, Nationwide, Coop, First Direct, TSB, Ulster, Yorkshire, Capital One, Amex and MBNA. We also support business accounts.

  • When are we adding support for challenger banks?

    We will continue to expand our coverage including challenger banks in 2018.

  • Do you support OpenBanking?

    We will support OpenBanking APIs as soon as they are made publicly available in early 2018.

  • When are you expanding internationally?

    We'll start to expand internationally in late 2018.

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