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  • Do you offer trial periods?

    Yes we do. We actively encourage you to test our API with your application and offer trial periods up to 30 days, for 100 test connections.

  • How much does TrueLayer cost?

    We price on a connected account basis. If you plan to have a large volume of connected accounts, we can offer volume discounts. Please contact us to chat with one of our sales representative.

  • How do you price?

    We price on a connected account basis. We offer competitive terms depending on how many connected accounts you expect to use through our API. Please contact us (support@) to give us a better picture of how you’ll use TrueLayer and accordingly, what pricing we offer.

  • Do you have a scaling fee model?

    Yes we do. Some of our customers are small and others, are large entities. We have designed a competitive price schedule.

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