Webinar: Boost signup conversion with open banking and biometrics

Learn how to harness open banking to convert more web visitors into customers.

4 in 10 people who start creating an online account on a financial services or iGaming website in the UK never complete it (YouGov, 2022). That’s 40% of your marketing spend gone before you’ve seen any revenue. In the age of open banking, businesses now have the opportunity to leverage financial data and APIs to streamline onboarding, reduce friction and convert more visitors into paying customers. In this webinar, we'll discuss the benefits (and limitations) of using biometric-based open banking for customer onboarding in the UK, and give best practices on how to implement it effectively. We’ll also share case studies of businesses that are taking advantage of open banking for onboarding and discuss the impact on conversion.Attend this webinar to learn:
  • The benefits of using biometric open banking for customer onboarding – and why first movers will have the advantage
  • Best practices for implementing open banking in the onboarding process
  • Real-world examples of businesses using open banking for customer onboarding
  • Tips and strategies for improving the customer onboarding experience with open banking – and what results you can expect
  • How Signup+, a new open banking-powered solution from TrueLayer, can help streamline your onboarding
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