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Easily integrate financial data into any app with the Consumer Data Right. Build powerful products your customers love.
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Financial data

Connect any bank account to your app

Get real-time access to account, balance, transaction, and identity data and deliver powerful financial solutions.

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The Consumer Data Right (CDR) offers a range of ways to access the open banking ecosystem and choosing the right one for you is critical. If you want to understand the different CDR access models, download our comprehensive guide.

Powerful use cases

Smarter financial services for every industry

  • Account connection

    Securely collect your customers’ financial data.
  • Account verification

    Verify your customer’s account details in seconds using their bank app.
  • Account aggregation

    Provide a real-time, unified view of your customers' finances.
  • Data enrichment

    Transaction categorisation and merchant information.
  • Affordability

    Build a full picture of every applicant's financial situation.
  • Insights

    Use real-time financial data to provide actionable advice around money management.
  • Made for humans


    We turn complex infrastructure into simple code so you can focus on building market-defining products. Plus it’s free to get started.
    TrueLayer's APIs are robust and developer-friendly. We started seeing benefits right away.
    Josh Fernandes,
    Open banking product owner
    TrueLayer’s APIs are amazingly simple to work with. We got up and running in 3 days.
    Karuna Govind,
    co-founder and CTO
    Getting access to API keys and connecting authentication endpoints was super easy.
    Matt Risby,
    Lead Developer

    Global connectivity

    Grow with us

    We’re the easiest way to expand globally. We’re connected to thousands of banks and financial institutions across Europe, the UK, Australia — and growing.
    • Thousands of financial institutions connected
    • Australia, UK, and Europe supported and growing

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